Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tips ampuh Mempercepat Koneksi Internet di Warnet

What do you want when accessing the internet, fast connection is not it? Well this time I will give tips on how to cope with the internet connection lelet abis. But it should be noted, that this trick applies to you accessing the internet in the cafe and use Mozilla Firefox as browsers. the goal is to speed up internet connection on our computers suck up bandwidth with other computers in a cybercafe. So our internet connections become faster and the other was a little slow.
Feline yah? But okay, if warnetnya rame everything slow so they're also going nyadar ga.

If you want ngikutin this cunning trick, here's how to speed up internet connection in the cafe:

1. Mozzila typed in the address bar about: config and then will be seen that a lot of writing

2. fasilitan use ctrl + f to search for words, said that the search is as follows and the fox

* Network.http.pipelining; False <- click two times to change "False" to "True" * Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests; 4 <- click two times, change "four" to "30" * Network.http.proxy.pipelining; False <- click two times to change "False" to "True" 3. Then right click in the blank / white continue to choose new and then continue to the first column input integer nglayout.initialpaint.delay then press enter one time and input the number 0 and press enter again. 4. re restart mozzila firefoxnya 5. Happy surfing ria quickly, because the bandwidth will be sucked into your computer, this is the was tips to speed internet connection in the cafe.

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