Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is good news for 40 percent of women who secretly complained unable to achieve orgasm. If you did not get from your partner, your orgasm can try it yourself, without help couples!

The secret, according to the study, is through the mind. This was concluded after a few years ago researchers conducted brain scans using MRI to find out what's really going on in the female brain during orgasm.

"Pleasure center in the brain that is associated with an orgasm 'light up' on a woman who asked her to orgasm, the same way in women who reach orgasm through conventional manner (by touch)," said Dr. Barry Komisaruk, author of The Science Of Orgasm.

"The center of the same is not lit when the woman was only pretending orgasm; is only visible when an orgasm really happened," he continued.

Interestingly, female respondents who followed this trial were all trying to imagine a happy situation, but in different ways. For example, there was that combines breathing exercises and fantasy. There is also the use of imagination and pelvic floor exercises.

Of course the problem of fantasy, it appears there was something unique. According to Dr. Komisaruk, there are women who imagine erotic scenarios, but there is also a romantic imagining scenes like the couple who were whispering tenderly to them. Another woman who described the sensual experience that is more abstract, such as walking arm in arm on the beach or to imagine a wave of energy moving in their bodies.

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