Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 Category "Entrepreneurship Online" In Multiply

Social networking site Multiply now integrate with online shopping sites, as its new features. Multiply Commerce name. Through the new features of this Multiply, site members can transact the buying and selling online, with online payment mechanisms and systems that are managed professionally. For Multiply member, you can sell with three choices seller category.

Multiply Commerce provides a choice of three categories of online sellers. This option is provided to facilitate online transactions, while enhancing the trust and kenyamaan buyers shop online through social networking sites.

Daniel Tumiwa, Country Manager Indonesia Multiply, mention this as an entrepreneurial business opportunities online. To ensure the comfort of shopping online, Daniel said there are three options sellers in Multiply Commerce category.

1. Trusted Seller
To enter this category, online businesses have to qualify their business has been running one year. Online businesses to pay Rp 375,000 per year to belong to this category.

2. Trusted Merchant
The main requirement the same as Trusted Seller, online business has a business which has been running one year. Online businesses to pay Rp 525,000 per year to belong to this category.

3. Trusted Business
For this category, the condition is higher. Online businesses need to include a number of documents. Consist of two personal identity, SIUP, proof of payment of electricity or water, and Multiply parties will conduct a survey on the business carried on.

"The third category is more target businesses that are legal entities," said Daniel after a press conference in Jakarta some time ago.

Entrepreneurship online at Multiply in this category have added value. The reason, Multiply will ensure every transaction from online stores listed in each category. Factor of safety and convenience of online shopping is important. The mechanism of this category of sellers who guarantee the security of online shopping. Buyers can get protection from Multiply if there is something with the seller or an online business that is listed in each category. For example, protection of shipping goods, or even if the online store closed. In other words, sellers who tedaftar in each category, a recommended business Multiply. Shopping online is certainly more comfortable with the recommendation is not it?

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