Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Important Guidelines In Buying Medication

In buying OTC drugs, the patient does have the discretion to select the desired type of drug. But it can not be done when the patient needs medication or a prescribed ethical physician. Patients forced to surrender to the choice of doctor, although the drug is expensive and not necessarily effective.

"The selection of drugs should be balanced with the expected results. We must use the principle of deciding whether the money I spend is proportional to the benefits," said Prof.Iwan Dwiprahasto, Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics University of Gadjah Mada.

To prevent unnecessary expenses and use of drugs that are not rational, Iwan give some tips before buying the drug.

1. Whether or not to buy drugs.

"If it was just a cold cough just would not have to (taking) antibiotics," he said.

2. Purchasing power. This is the determining factor and a major consideration for most patients. Iwan suggested to the patient to get used to dare to ask about possible drug options.

"If we are sick and need medicine, consider our ability to buy because the drug types and classes cost a lot of stuff. We must dare to tell the doctor how much of our ability. This is related to our obedience.'s Useless to buy expensive drugs but can not buy until completed, "he said.

In connection with purchasing power, Iwan also recommend that patients dare ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs with the same benefits with a drug patent. "That's the right patient, do not be afraid to ask the doctor," he said.

3. Compliance in taking medication according to doctor's instructions.

4. Drugs are not everything. "To recover the drug is not everything. Patients with hypertension not only have to take medication but also reduce the salt. Similarly, patients with diabetes, blood sugar will not be controlled if only medicine but also have to manage your diet and exercise," he explained.

5. Tell a drug that has been consumed. "To avoid possible interactions between one drug with other drugs and side effects, tell your doctor what drug is currently being consumed so that doctors could consider the choice of drugs to be given,"

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