Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Models Falling Lindsey Wixson 3 Times in Catwalk (Video)

Super model Naomi Campbell has experienced embarrassing incidents on the catwalk. All those present at that time will not forget how Ms. Campbell fell fell on the carpet. Embarrassing incident that occurred during the winter dress show in 1993 in Paris.

Apparently, this year's Miss Campbell had a new rival. Lindsey Wixson beautiful model experienced the same thing. Unfortunately Ms. Wixson fell to three times. The incident occurred at the Fashion Show event in Cannes last night (16/05/11)

Walk with confidence on the catwalk with a faint smile, Lindsey Wixson not think will have an unlucky fate. As she walked gracefully, legs nyantol in long skirt he was wearing. No doubt the super model fell fell.

With a shy smile, Ms. Wixson rise. He raised his hand intends to show the audience that he was fine. But, just two steps oooopss! fall again.

What a bad day for the beautiful young lady. After falling for the second time he stood up and walked carefully. But really unlucky, he fell again.

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