Saturday, May 21, 2011

Breakfast, the Most Important Time Eating

Nutritious breakfast in the morning will fill the back of the brain and body so that energy is also a day of activity become more fluent. That's why breakfast is not just important for adults but especially in children.

Research shows that children often skip breakfast are more likely to miss school than children who routinely breakfast.

'After 8 hours of sleep, in morning glucose reserves would fall so that cause us difficulty concentrating, sleepy and less alert. If this is experienced by children in school certainly hampered its ability to capture lessons, "said dr.Inge Permadhi, Sp.GK, a lecturer in the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

The time invested to prepare a nutritious breakfast menu was actually very small compared with the benefits we get.

"The selected breakfast menu is the menu that should not be too heavy or excessive calories, but still important to note the composition of nutrients. Select the existing carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins," said Inge.

He cited such nutritious breakfast menu, fresh bread and margarine dioles added egg whites and a little vegetable. "If you do not want too much carbohydrate can be replaced by bread wheat," he said.

Another example is a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and low fat milk. "Avoid the breakfast menu that is too much fried because it can increase levels of bad cholesterol," he explained.

Inge suggested that children accustomed to breakfast early as possible, even since they began to recognize the solid food. "Breakfast menu for babies aged 6 months upwards of course adjusted for age, but still have the same nutritional composition and varied," he said.

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