Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cause I'm Country Strong

Finally I have some spare minutes to blog! Now that summer is just round the corner, after work I have been kickin’ my butt at the gym and getting into shape! So blogging has been on the bottom of the totem pole the past few months. However, now that things are winding down at work and the calm of summer is in the midst, I shall have much more blogging time!
Lots happened in my life while on my hiatus from blogging.  1: set up an interview with an accounting firm I am very happy about J 2: Got accepted into the Accounting program at Southern NH University, and will be starting in June and 3: Have been searching for a new apartment with my love! I am trying very hard to keep my hopes high and stay positive with all these great new opportunities occurring in my life. I am most excited about starting up school again. It will be about 2 years since I took my last class so I have a little bit of nervous butterflies in my tummy but I am more anxious and excited to begin this new endeavor. Ever since having my epiphany and deciding to return to school, I have been more and more optimistic about my future. I sometimes get stuck in a rut and it is VERY difficult to climb out of it, but I am happier and more peaceful than I have been in a very long time.  I know by going back to school I am essentially securing my future and that makes me feel great!
The weather has been just lovely lately. I adore these spring days, the smell of flowers blooming linger in the spring breeze and the sense of coming to life from the long winter months. I love the 75 degree sunny days, and cooler nights, perfect for a bon fire and good times with good people. Plus, how can you not LOVE fantastic hair weather!!? This past weekend my hunny and I checked out a few apartments which unfortunately did not live up to our standards, regardless, I personally think it is a good experience to see what people have to offer. After taking the dog for a walk on the bike trail on Saturday, we got lobsters and shrimp and drank Sam Summers with lemons and watched Country Strong… such a wonderful movie. Although it is a romantic film fellas, I am telling you, it is a must see. And now my obsession with country music ensues. I have always enjoyed listening to country music, but now I am a full blown fan. The soundtrack for the movie is A-MAZ-ING!! I just purchased it on ITunes and couldn’t be happier!!

I hope everyone is doing wonderful!!! J

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