Friday, May 6, 2011

Curl Eyelashes Without Tools

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Fresh Eyelashes not only makes a person more expressive eyes, but also make your eyes look wider and fresh. Without surgery, you can also get the eyes of the younger, wider and brighter. The secret on your eyelashes.

Usually, lashes are made more tapering to the eyelash curler also called eyelash curler. The equipment consists of clamps are equipped with rubber pads or convex-shaped sponge on top. The way it works, when the pads clamp lashes, a cembungnya will hit right in the middle of the lashes to lashes will curve upward.

But you certainly never felt several obstacles when melentikkan eyelashes with tools. Sometimes the eyelid skin can come when you pinch pinched eyelashes. Other risks, eyelashes become easily fall out. With each day that such usage, a few years later you will find your eyelashes have reduced flexibility and the amount. If the follicles were damaged eyelashes, eyelashes can not grow back you know ..

Curl Eyelashes Without Tools

Melentikkan eyelashes are obliged, therefore you must try pelentikan a safer way, ie without tools. The principle is easy, give a little heat on the eyelashes, then shape. Here are the steps.

1. Make sure your eyelashes are clean of mascara.

2. Tidy up your eyebrows use your fingers or a clean mascara brush, make sure nothing is folded or curved hairs sticking out from the other eye.

3. Rub hands until warm, then lekukkan eyelashes to eyelids using hands warm. Hold for several seconds, then trim eyebrows.

* You also can use a spoon that has been warmed under hot running water for at least 30 seconds. Cilia bend toward the back petals using a spoon, hold a few moments until the spoon was not warm anymore. Repeat this step at the end of the inner and outer corner of eye for eye appear wider.

4. Apply mascara as usual.

In this way, more manicured lashes naturally and are also safer because you avoid the lashes from damage caused by eyelash curler. You no longer need to carry pelentik eyelashes everywhere.

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