Sunday, May 22, 2011

Diane Sastro: Beautiful Potion Recipe

As an artist, keep the beauty become commonplace for the Dian Sastrowardoyo (29). Diane even been taught how to keep up appearances since elementary school age.

"In the past, grandparents who likes to give out to keep it beautiful by using traditional materials," said Dian, when met in Jakarta on Thursday (19 / 5).

Diane also shared stories about the teachings of eyangnya it, one of which was smeared honey when lips feel dry. In addition, he also taught using cold powder to keep skin smoothness.

"Actually I own baseball too understand the benefits because it is still small. Moreover, given the white-and-white face actually looks rich devil, ha-ha-ha .... However, because the grandparents were taught, yes I do, "said Dian, who because of her beauty and accomplishments became Indonesia's first elected woman to become the ambassador of French cosmetics, L'oreal.

In addition to maintaining the beauty from the outside by using cosmetics, Diane also gives tips on how to maintain the beauty of the body, by eating vegetables and fruits, and drink about 2 liters of water. This habit is routinely did every day.

With these tips, plus a yoga exercise habits, it's no wonder that Diana still look beautiful and fresh even though the middle expecting her first child is now entering the age of 7 months. Said Diane, a fresh body condition is obtained because he was still actively working. "Women pregnant does not mean it can not be productive," he said.

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