Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doctor-patient privilege

Here’s a little secret. There are a handful of shows I watch regularly yet write about very irregularly because, well, I need to. Writing about entertainment for fun and occasionally (a tiny amount) of profit means the things most people use to relax becomes the things you take notes during instead of relaxing. This is not a complaint. I choose to do this and feel damn lucky anyone cares about the things I yell at my television. But, still, I choose not to write about every show because sometimes a lady just wants to sack out quietly in front of her TV and just consume the flickering images without having to think about them afterward. For me, these are shows like “Doctor Who” and “Justified” and “Modern Family” and “Being Human.” I watch all these shows and I love them, but you won’t find them in tags.

And one of those shows, which I’ve quietly watched and loved, is “Lost Girl.” I know right now many of you are smacking your foreheads and saying FINALLY! And I know many (many, many) of you emailed and tweeted me about this show last year to alert me to its amazingness. Fear not, it did not fall on deaf ears. I’ve mentioned my total enjoyment of the Lauren & Bo bits before. But news yesterday of the SyFy channel picking up two seasons of the Canadian series to air in the US has convinced me to finally talk about the supernatural sexiness that is this show. A bisexual succubus who feeds on sexual energy and gets involved with a human doctor who is, essentially, enslaved by the Light Fae (supernatural forces, there are Light and Dark, just go with it). Now that is interesting stuff.

But back to Bo and Lauren. I, basically, love them together. The pathos, oh, the gorgeous gorgeous pathos. First there’s Anna Silk, who is like sex on a sharp, pointy stick. She’s like Mary Louise Parker had a younger sister who had a thing for leather. And then there’s Zoie Palmer, who is our soulful Dr. Hotpants. If we all had primary care physicians like her, we’d never ever eat apples. (Because, um, they keep the doctor away…get it?) Together they’re this delicious combination of reserve and hunger, often from the person you least expect. Their slow burn in the first season was grown-up and complicated. And, heavens, was it hot. So, so hot. (Some spoilery bits in this video, but come on, you know you are curious.)

Seriously, thank you, Canada. I will never make an “aboot” joke again if you keep bringing the Bo and Lauren sizzle.

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