Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doggy dating

Must love Greenies, rawhides and long walks in the park.

I envisioned the profile after reading this article about a new dating site designed for dogs.

Of course, the goal is a little more complex than simply finding a new digging partner. The site is designed to gauge "whether the puppies from two adults are likely to be healthy."

Still, I like to imagine two dogs sipping peanut butter martinis while coyly licking each other's ears.

The only problem? My dog probably wouldn't care for the site.

She's been fixed, but also has incredibly high standards in the social world. When we go on our nightly walks, she generally doesn't even look up when nearby dogs bark.

But yes, the image that accompanies this post is her dating profile pic -- if she ever wants to dabble in the online meet market.

What has your pet taught you about dating?

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