Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion Trends That its Time to Dump

Simple Desi Girls, Simple Desi Aunty
Beauty, in theory, should save the world. But some people try to save him some fundamentally wrong way. Ridiculous and absurd attempt to make themselves more attractive usually go into oblivion in a natural way, but, alas, some tricks for unknown reasons, remain popular for many years. How about an orange tan and predatory acrylic nails with pictures? Is it time to say goodbye to them and a number of other trends, "freaks"?

Fashion Trends That it's Time to Dump

Of course, it's all a matter of taste, but such phenomena as superdlinnye (and therefore unnatural) Naroscheny hair, strong eyebrows plucked, chemically curled hair, heavily made-up black eye pencil, no one really decorate. But all this is, fortunately, occurs in real life less and less.........
Special category of beauty-tricks, which is time to rest, - "barbifikatsii" as they are called stylists. That is, trying to be like this famous beauty-doll. Together, these tricks produce frightfulness: almost white hair, colored contact lenses too much bleached teeth and a French pedicure (it seems that her toenails had grown strongly, and you are too lazy to do something with it). Not very nice look and obviously fake hair, and "burnt" face reddish-brown hue (it does not matter, this tan or not, we must know when to stop). Paris Hilton, we are behind you and watch-it! ..

"Thoughtful" way to decorate yourself is not always as good as we would like. All these tattoos are in Latin and Japanese, gracing the most seductive twists - so they need? They have become so widespread that it has long nobody seems original.

What about too strong desire to look young? Botox - an insidious thing: making the injection, you can not stop, and it seems that if you make another ukolchik, it will be even better. So the person becomes almost immobile mask, but if you add a picture psevdoseksualnymi sponges, generously obkolotymi collagen to bulk, get a character from the terrible tales.

Do not judge us too harshly and stylists: even the most bizarre fashion craze has its fans, and you may well be among them. But if you can "save the world" with a bottle tan?

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