Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fujitsu Presents Cloud-Based Tool Scanner

Fujitsu announced the launch of the ScanSnap N1800, network document scanner the first to offer features connection to various services such as Salesforce CRM Cloud, Google Docs and Evernote.

This scanner combines functionality with ease of use so that the scanning process and share documents seamlessly take place without the complicated process of preparation.

ScanSnap N1800 has a fully functional so that more cost effective because users do not need to purchase additional hardware. Users simply press one button to start the scanning process so that the accelerating digitalization of documents in order to facilitate access to information within the company.

The scanner is equipped with features advanced security to ensure the protection and safety when used by many users.

N1800 ScanSnap is a compact size, only 300mm x 226mm x 172mm, and is equipped with the Installation Wizard for easy installation in an office environment.

Administration function allows you to manage and organize a network consisting of many ScanSnap N1800, only from a single console. Menu on the touch panel and scan settings can be adjusted to the specific needs of users or groups of users so that more optimal in supporting work activities.

"Along with the trend of Internet-based IT networks, ScanSnap N1800 is designed with a variety of network capacity to meet the needs of today's business is increasingly challenging. This scanner can be placed in the organization's intranet system, but with features connection to the Cloud service, we aim to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace, "said Janet Tan, Regional Director of the Fujitsu Imaging Products, told through its official statement on Monday (16 / 5 / 2011).

"Innovation Fujitsu in bringing the concept of an ideal document solution works efficiently and effectively become a reality. ScanSnap N1800 allows users to scan and upload documents to the cloud and access digital data from anywhere through a single touch. It is very easy in the sharing of information, "said Raymond Firdauzi, Country Head of Product Platforms Fujitsu Indonesia.

"ScanSnap N1800 Fujitsu will strengthen its position as the leader of the document scanner market in Indonesia since the second half of 2009 both in terms of volume and revenue."

Price ScanSnap N1800 is USD2, 070 and already available in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and India

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