Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Be Rich man as young as possible

Want to rich, five or 10 years from now? Maybe really. These tips will help you make it happen.

1. Set a goal from the beginning
Like to travel, first have to know first goal. If not, could spin it, even actually spend money. Ask yourself, what is wanted next 10 years. Got a car or home, for example. In that spirit, you can be careful in spending and encouraged to save. We recommend that you prepare a plan of 5, 10, to 20 years.

2. Live with the plan
Buy stuff you need, and not desirable. Sounds simple, but the temptation is hard to avoid. However, if your plan has been stuck in my head and heart, certainly deh desire to buy goods that do not have to be dashed.

3. Avoid debt
Now a lot of offers to buy goods by installments. Or other forms of borrowing for items that are not required, but desirable. Hold the heart to not be tempted. Except maybe for something that can be used as venture capital, such as loans to college again, or a home loan. Avoid taking loans that mortgage spend half of income. According to financial experts, not to owe the installment makes wallet scream.

4. Let's save
Small pieces that are collected will be a big or a lot. Whatever you can, get into the habit of saving. You work to earn money, so you are entitled to get paid. Well, the money you pay yourself is to save. Savings are in addition to stored to achieve the ideals of five to 10 years, is also useful when there is an urgent need. As hospital costs, or can be used for short-term goals like a vacation abroad.

5. No minimum payment
Got credit card baseball sin. When utilized correctly, you will not be credit card debt. Moreover, so far become victims of debt collectors, duh ... do not let deh. In order not caught, immediately pay off the bill every month. Prepare the funds in the account to pay every bill that comes. Once again, paid off yes. Do not just pay the minimum bill. The smaller your monthly bills, the longer hull.

6. Investment old age
Life is not just for today, but also for the future. Old age may still be far in the clouds, but there's no harm in thinking from now for your old age stay rich. One of them, by trying to invest. Many ways are easy and affordable at the beginning of work. For example, take the insurance and buy mutual funds. Both can only pay less than Rp 500,000 per month. But the result, can be picked after 10-15 years later, with the number doubled.

7. Open deposit
Besides the savings that can be taken at any time, it's good to have a term saving deposits alias. In addition to no savings who could not tampered with, these savings can also be a useful additional notes if you want to take a home loan or an apartment. Good as hell made a year deposits, and balance plus every year.

8. Upgrade
20s is a good time to improve skills and education, which will support future career. Investing in education would not be in vain. Take a variety of skills courses, and do not stop just at the level S1 class. One more thing should be done, expand the network to the mix. Senior Vice President of Kelly Services Asia Pacific, an international recruitment agency, said Dhirendra Shantilal, today many companies looking for employees plus. Alias ​​other than highly educated, mastering many languages, is also active in various organizations.

9. Enjoy life
Manage finances itself does not mean you can not have fun. You can pay for travel from cheap travel savings or because you have many friends. Or take a language course while acquainted with new people. Just make good memories with meeting new people and try new things. Things like this can be an investment well know, many friends can sustenance, so said a parent. What is important, avoid taking a loan for the cost of fun. You can be creative to find entertainment without spending much money.

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