Monday, May 16, 2011

Hump Day

Good old hump day…A rainy, dreary and plain boring Wednesday that is! I typically don’t mind Wednesdays only because the week tends to move fairly quickly after them but today is torturous! My boss is in and out of the office, which makes my already lacking motivation completely drop to 0 motivations! After setting up an interview with a firm for next week, I have had to beg myself to even put a little effort into my current job. I know that sounds terrible, and so unlike me because I am a very hard worker and an excellent employee, but you must know what is like to work here to understand my reasoning’s, and since that is out of the question you will just have to trust my emotions at this point. Therefore, today will essentially DRAG since he is not here to bark orders at me… I will most likely be catching up on my blogs, finding some new recipes, doing some online shopping, tweaking my resume, ext, ext, you get the hint. Don’t get me wrong I shouldn’t complain that I even have this luxury but it certainly makes for a LONG day!

Last night my hunny and I were crazy tired so instead of our usual trip to the grocery store, we took the pup for a quick walk, ordered a pizza and watched Tron, cuddled on the couch. Tron was pretty good, I just LOVE Garret Hedlend, he was in Country Strong as well so he was my eye candy. I think tonight will make up of essentially the same agenda… I am thinking I will make a pit stop on my way home and grab something easy to make for dinner instead of ordering out again! Any ideas for an easy recipe?

Well that is all I suppose, thanks for listening to my whining! Love you all J

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