Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jewelry for the Modern Bride

Even our ancestors during the holidays, especially at weddings tried to put as many decorations and significant amulets for protection from evil spirits and misfortunes, which become stronger when a person is happy, so - is relaxed. Modern Bride does not give wedding jewelry and jewelery mystical significance, but these elements festive attire is mandatory and its important element.

Typically, the choice of jewelry for the bride is given special attention because its entire outfit should look perfectly: all of its elements should be combined with each other, and each of them individually should ideally suited to the natural beauty of the girl. When choosing decorations should follow some mandatory regulations. First, the jewelry should only emphasize the general style of dress, but should not become a central component which attracts undue attention. Secondly, you should not combine the dress and ornaments of completely different styles. Sometimes it can produce the desired effect, but most often is a mixture of styles look ridiculous........

If the problem is the choice of jewelry is very serious, and you just can not find what you need in the numerous wedding shops, you can make jewelry to order . As well as wedding rings, necklaces and earrings can be the author's work, over which bothered not only jewelers and designers, but you yourself, as in this case there is an opportunity to participate in the creation of a masterpiece.

Almost any dress perfect necklace, which successfully cut stress and completeness of the breast. To dress with a shallow cut is better to choose a necklace, tight to the neck, and a deep cut perfectly decorate the ornament on a long chain with original pendant.

For the literate matching jewelry a bride should also be aware of the latest fashion trends, which in wedding dresses is rapidly changing. Today, almost not used gold jewelry classic yellow color. In a fashion white gold, platinum, or costume jewelry from the light metals. It is also perfectly underlines the tenderness of a young bride and white pearls.

If you're brave bride prone to risky experiments, which does not recognize the classics, then and decorations should be appropriate. By the red, orange or black and white wedding gown perfectly suited decoration with colored crystals and stones, sequins, fur and feathers. The size and number of decorations in this case also depends on the individual dresses.

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