Monday, May 16, 2011

Lazy Weekend Recap

Okay good morning bloggers, what a lovely Monday, huh? Umm… NO! Grrr, Monday’s are my LEAST favorite weekday, and today just happens to be cold and rainy to top it off! Not even 2 minutes after I sat down at my desk, my boss was already hounding me and driving me nuts! I have become so impatient with him, I almost feel sorry about it! But tomorrow is the day, I have a breakfast interview… not sure I feel about that. At first I thought it kind of odd, but the more I think about it, the more I think that it will be a laidback, casual atmosphere to conduct an interview. I can sip my morning coffee and perhaps nibble on a croissant, while having more like a morning conversation than an interview. At least this is what I hope it is like. I am trying my hardest to stay positive and not get myself all worked up and nervous, I tend to do that quite often. I highly dislike interviews, although I am at the breaking point at my current job, I think that helps me stay confident about future careers, pretty much anywhere but here J I know I sound like a whiney baby but trust me, it’s totally warranted. After the interview I shall come back here and work my normal 8:30-4:30 and then rush home and change into my BRUINS gear and head into Boston with my sisters and Dad! Therefore, tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me.

This past weekend was a LAZY weekend, to say the least. We had our puppy Athena fixed on Friday, so she was very lethargic and sleepy, so no hikes or walks for a week, the poor thing! The weather was really rainy and cloudy, lazy weather anyway so our weekend consisted of cooking, stir fry on Friday, buffalo chicken on Saturday and clam chowder yesterday! We also watched all the Pirates movies to catch up in time for the newest one to come out on Friday, and did a lot of organizing and cleaning. It was a nice weekend. Nothing too exciting but sometimes, you just need to relax and be lazy it doesn’t get to happen as often as we would enjoy it to so it is nice to savor the lazy weekends when we get em!

Snuggles with my baby Athena!!

My sister Hope is graduating from Plymouth State University this Saturday, AHH!!! I cannot believe it; she will have her teaching degree, and will be student teaching at the local school next year. It sometimes doesn’t feel like it has been 4 years for her, I am so proud and happy for her though.  Kenny, Athena and I will trek it up the hour and half to Plymouth Friday after work to celebrate with her and then meet my family on Saturday at the graduation ceremony. It should be a fun filled weekend, yet its only Monday and I am already anticipating the weekend which will make for a CRAZY long week for sure!!

Well I hope ya’ll had amazing weekends and I wish everyone a happy Monday!!

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