Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Bit Stronger

Yesterday utterly sucked. I attended a funeral for Kenny’s Uncle who passed away last week, and it was dreadful. Since the passing of my brother, the only funeral I have gone to was my Grandfathers, it was sad but he was old and sick and he was my Grandpa so I could cry and feel sorry. However, yesterday was difficult because for starters I never had the pleasure of meeting Kenny’s uncle, so I felt awkward. I see his cousins immersed in grief and it just made me melt. I know the feeling all too well and it was extremely hard to not sit there and drown in my own sorrow and grief of missing my brother who was only 11 years old when he passed, a baby for crying out loud. It’s not fair. It was just a rough day in general, death is a terrible thing to try and come to grips with. So yesterday was just an awful day. After spending most of the day outside in the freezing rain, Kenny and I just went home and relaxed. But I am just entirely drained and mentally exhausted from a difficult day, and the resurfacing of emotions.

On a happier note; Hooray for Thursday!! I am trying to keep my head up today, and stay positive; which is quite hard with the boss I have.  On the agenda this evening is: hopefully spending some much needed time at the gym with my sis Haley. If not, taking a long bath, popping in a movie and calling it a night. Too tired to think about anything else!
The weather will finally be nice enough for my hunny and I to spend the night at the Dragway Tomorrow night. To some this may sound utterly dreadful, but this is something we LOVE and enjoy to do together. To get out on a Friday night and watch cars cruise down the ¼ mile is not only invigorating but romantic at the same time!! Well, for me anyway. Being in a relationship with a gear head, I have come to love and appreciate anything with an engine. Friday nights in the summer are typically spent on the bleachers under the stars, with the smell of racing fuel and hotdogs and hamburgers wafting in the brisk night air. Last year, Kenny actually raced his turbo charged truck a few times and did so well! I was the loud and proud girlfriend in the stands cheering him on, it was a good feeling. Hopefully once his truck is up and running again he will drag it again this summer.

Well, I guess it’s about time I get back to work… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend
Peace & Love

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