Friday, May 20, 2011

Music Cloud Apple Ready 'At' Google & Amazon

Google and Amazon first launched a cloud-based music service. But both should be aware of the threat of Apple. The reason is, when Google and Amazon are still waiting for an agreement of cooperation with the label, Apple has managed to hold two giant record label EMI and Warner Music Group.

Not only EMI and Warner, Universal Music and Sony was rumored to soon complete a deal with Apple to run their cloud-music service. Similarly, as reported by Cnet, on Friday (05/20/2011).

Not yet certain when Apple launched its music service this officially. But many predict, the Cupertino-based company that will utilize the Worldwide Developers Conference event that begins June 6 coming to announce the presence of these music services.

However, some parties believe Apple will release a new service on their iPod event, next September.

Meanwhile, Google and Amazon are still involved tough negotiations with the party label. Both claim the service does not require a license because the music labels are uploaded to the server is the music that has been owned by the user.

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