Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weekend

Hello and happy Monday to everyone! I don’t necessarily like Mondays, but it’s difficult to not be in a fabulous mood on such a beautiful day! I have my office window open letting the spring breeze slip in and keeping a smile on my face as I listen to the birds chirp! My boss is in and out of the office today so there is another reason why I am not minding Monday J
Weekend Update:
Let’s see, Friday as planned, we went to the drags about ½ hour travel from the apartment, we ate burgers and fries and sat in the bleachers cheering on our favorite cars under the stars! It was a great Friday, I always know summer is commencing when we start frequenting the dragway!

Saturday we went on a hike with the dog and ventured into the town forest. It was very interesting exploring our town nature. It just amazes me how blessed we are to have the privilege to go hiking and camping, go to the ocean or fishing, or even just taking walks down the road and admiring the beautiful flowers and trees; makes me feel one with nature. I know that may sound cheesy, but nature is one of those things for me, it makes me feel so absolutely amazing. Anyway, we made it back to our car within seconds of an unbelievable thunder/lightning storm; I LOVEEE thunderstorms. We booked it home, took a long shower and then snuggled up and watched a movie. Which, by the way, sucked… in my opinion! We watched ‘The Tourist’ with Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie. I was not impressed, I thought the story line was lame and the acting was just mediocre. But nevertheless, it was nice to feel safe and listen to the rumble of the thunder with my hunny! Later on that night we went mother’s day shopping and then met some friends at the local watering hole for some good beer and good laughs!

Sunday I got up fairly early and headed home to spend the day with my Momma! I hope all you Mommy’s had a spectacular Mothers day yesterday! We spent the day with our family having a backyard BBQ and just spending some quality time with each other. It was a very nice day and the weather held out until around 5 or so, so we lucked out! I actually got some color on my face just from lounging on the Adirondack chairs in my yard!!

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