Saturday, May 21, 2011

On YouTube, Rebecca Black Scroll Justin Bieber

Rebecca Black teen singer managed to seize the throne as a champion Justin Bieber YouTube. Video clip of his single titled Friday has become the most watched videos on video sharing site. Until now, the video has been witnessed as many as 120 million times.

Fantastic record that even defeat the Born This Way owned by Lady Gaga and Pray by Justin Bieber. While in positions four and five are occupied by the Black Eyed Peas with Just Cannot Get Enough and Jennifer Lopez with On the Floor.

Though the song Friday once branded as the worst song of all time by Time magazine. The reason, in the lyrics of the song there are many grammatical errors that can not be tolerated.

Critics of the song that was not strange. Rebecca itself is not a girl with extraordinary musical talent. Friday was written for Rebecca by Ark Music Factory, a firm that offers rich parents to make their child become a pop star at a cost of £ 1200.

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