Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A perfect match

Right, so now I think they’re just fucking with us. Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles at speed dating? Jane and Maura ending up with each other? Jane and Maura being called “a perfect match?” BE MORE GAY, RIZZOLI & ISLES. Seriously. What I’ve always enjoyed about this show is that the powers that be haven’t shied away from the undeniably electric chemistry and unabashed female friendship. Quite the contrary, TNT seems to be reveling in it. In fact after that promo, come on, they’re practically taunting us with the subtext. They’re essentially begging us to make it maintext. Don’t think we won’t, TNT. Don’t think we won’t. Have you seen some of the photo manips out there? Yeah, we’re ready.

Speaking of ready, have you seen the finished use-that-crime-scene-like-a-catwalk promo?

Good gravy, do we really need to wait until July? That just seems interminably long until the return of all that eye sex. Sigh.

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