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Sunglasses - Select and Care of Sunglasses for Your Eyes This Summer

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Sunglasses are necessary to protect our eyes, and the sun on our skin. And when it comes to sunglasses, we mean quality sunglasses, those that inhibit 100% of UV, bearing optically worked lenses (homogeneous material, etc.) and with the appropriate color lenses, depending on the purpose for which intended.

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Desi Girls SunGlasses Desi Girls SunGlasses
Desi Girls SunGlasses

A pair of sunglasses city, suitable for driving and eye protection under conditions of average light intensity can not cover our needs when ekteithemetha sustained in conditions of increased light intensity, such as, for example, mountain, sea Others

Sunglasses and child:

Sunglasses need and children the eyes of children who are more susceptible than adults to ultraviolet radiation should be protected with high quality sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. It is prohibited to move a child into the sea without sunglasses, since the damaging effects of solar radiation is cumulative.........

It is sad, even now, after such information is, to see midsummer sea children of preschool and school age without sunglasses and a hat when we know that do not fit with the sun frivolities.

Expensive sunglasses mean better protection?

While talking about the lenses of sunglasses, then yes, the price of lenses depends on the quality of the lens. Currently, the market of available optical sunglasses with lenses as protection from ultraviolet and the infrared radiation, lenses with anti reflective coatings for opposition reflections of light, so the highest clarity, lenses with mirror coating for ultimate arrest of harmful radiation, lenses indestructible to avoid injury in case of breakage during use, and even bulletproof glass lenses.

Sunglasses with a NASA material

For bulletproof lenses have used the material NCHT of NASA. You understand that if a lens sunglasses have all these qualities, it ceases to be a simple lens sunglasses and, of course, the price will cease to be low.

Sunglasses from optical shops

If we are to ensure effective protection of our eyes, then you should address only to specialists, so the optical stores. It's funny the argument that sell expensive optical glasses. Quality sunglasses you can find in the optical and even the price of 50 euros.

Sometimes it is difficult to control the quality of the lenses of a pair of sunglasses, even from an expert. Too often people believe that "lens sunglasses" called, simply, a dark lens. And this is what's the catch: if a lens is dark, but the material does not absorb UV, then it is destructive to the health of our eyes. The lens material is what makes it absorbent.

The size of sunglasses

Also on the size of sunglasses, dermatologists stress that the area around the eyes is very delicate and of course, when a pair of sunglasses is great, it is obvious that effectively protect both the eyes and the surrounding area.

How we care sunglasses?

A well-preserved pair of lenses has an unlimited shelf life. The wear of lenses comes from the streaks (scratches), resulting in the loss of transparency of the lens, which creates, in turn, vision problems. Usually, this problem is found in children's sunglasses and parents will have to check that if it is damaged, replace it immediately.

To keep in good sunglasses enough of the following:

Cold water and soap is the best treatment for cleaning all kinds of glasses. Since, however, that this is not always easy, there are special cleaning fluids, and microfiber cloths, which extract more efficiently and fatty elements.
The display of sunglasses at high temperatures. The greatest damage suffered, both frames and lenses, due to exposure to the sun on the windshield of the car, the radiator, etc.
Do not use acetone, alcohol and various other strong cleaning agents, because very quickly deplete both lenses and the frames of sunglasses.
Always store the sunglasses in a hard case and should not be placed on uneven surfaces, upside down. The deterioration of the lens that results are immediate.

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