Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tank Top Kalinda

Hello, hello. I was going to wrassle up some lovely ladies in tank tops for my extremely, extremely late posting today (I just can’t party all weekend like I used to, kittens). But instead I stumbled upon one Kalinda Sharma in a tank top and had to write about it instead. TVline.com has an exclusive clip of Kalinda and someone I will call and old friend together in the finale tonight. The clip won’t embed, but be aware that it is VERY SPOILERY. In fact, everthing that follows from here on out in this post is VERY SPOILERY. So, you’ve been warned.

Right, so, first things first. That was hot. Also a) Kalinda needs to wear less high-necked tops and show those girls off more because daaaayum and b) I would watch an entire hour of nothing but Archie Panjabi kissing women’s backs – I really would.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a regular “The Good Wife” watcher, which I know I should probably be because it’s a quality grown-up show. So here are a few of my more-than-likely ill-informed thoughts on the matter.

First, while I will take my primetimes hook-ups between female characters on American television almost any way I can get them, I’m always a little disappointed when they’re part of some sort of downward trajectory/shame spiral/reckless period for a character. The perfect example of this is when Thirteen on “House” had her hooking up with hotties phase (when she was also clubbing and drugging, for an episode). Was it hot? Yes. Was there a built-in even if not explicitly intended message that sleeping around with women is reckless. Yes. And given Kalinda’s current fallout with Alicia, I would say she at very least isn’t in the best place emotionally. But, again, I could be off base on this.

Second, I am glad to see however that the realization that she is having yet another affair and potentially hurting another relationship is sinking in. So that seems like growth. And it also suggests that had the lady with the bed head been single, none of this would be a problem and many, many more back kisses would be happening.

“The Good Wife” is a rich and textured show, and I appreciate the slow burn they’ve done while revealing Kalinda’s sexuality. And I also appreciate that as a bisexual character the liking ladies part of her personality isn’t just told in stories about her past or random dangerous hook-ups, as they have mostly with Thirteen.

Man, I wish Jill Flint wasn’t on “Royal Pains” so they could bring Lana back. Now that was some smoking, available, shame-free hotness right there. And, I am not kidding, I could watch Archie kiss women’s backs forever.

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