Monday, May 16, 2011

This was my Thursdays Post before blogger went down

Ahhh… today has got to be one of the longest days in history, or so it feels. During the off season of taxes, it is terribly slow, at my office at least.  I am PRAYING if I do acquire a new job, things will be rather different. I have exhausted all attempts at finding a new apartment via craigslist! I have literally spent most of my day looking at every apartment within our price range. I also did some online shopping and dropped around $200 on some new summer clothes… which I will tell myself I needed. Purchased a couple dresses and a few cute shirts, I anticipate their arrival tomorrow!

So if you do not already know, I am a HUGE Boston Bruins fan. My father had season tickets my entire life growing up so I have always been a fan going to games with him and watching them on TV, but unfortunately he had to give up his season tickets a few years back which utterly sucked. And if you also do not already know, the Bruins are in the playoffs to the Stanley Cup so it is a major deal. Well good old daddy surprised my sisters and I with tickets to Tuesday night’s game!! Since he is still very good friends with his buddy that he used to split the tickets with, he had an in, and got some pretty hard to grasp tickets for us! We are beyond excited!! I will try my hardest to take some pictures and blog all about it on Wednesday but I was just too excited to contain myself!

Tonight is thirrrrrsty Thursday! Thursdays are a great day of the week. Kenny has his guy night which I find utterly adorable. He and his motor head friends congregate at his friend’s auto shop and talk cars and what not. I think it just so cute, sometimes the girlfriends and I will bring them pizza and beer and hang, but for the most part we let them have their boy time, I think it is important! Well anyway Thursday is typically my wine night with my girlfriends but tonight we are going Mexican instead… margaritas, queso dip and best friends, who can resist?? I’m excited since I have not seen a few of these girls in a few weeks, so it will be an eventful night!

First things first, hot and sweaty workout session at the gym with my sister, home to jump in the shower and get ready really quick, then Mexican night commences! I am fortunate my apartment is just a few short blocks from the restaurant so I will either catch a ride with one of the girls or have Kenny drop me off, that may sound lame but I am only being conscious!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday J

Me and my friend Lia on Thursday night <3

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