Thursday, May 19, 2011

TVS Tormax 150 Specification

At the Indonesian motorcycle market experienced the transition to automatic scooter (scooter), India's motorcycle manufacturer, TVS would still persist in ducks (underbone). More specifically, playing on a very limited market segments, namely sports ducks. This was evidenced by the launch of TVS Tormax 150 yesterday at the hotel Mercure Ancol, Jakarta.

Aspect or added value offered by TVS for its latest product compared to the Japanese duck that has been used to "dominate" the Indonesian market is highly price competitive and more complete features plus some new technology.

"The added value that we offer through Tormax is competitive price, more features, technology and of course the appearance. This strategy should we do as a newcomer to the class sports ducks, "said Darmadi Tjuatja, Chief Operating Officer of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia is targeting to sell 1,000 units of this model is per month.

Resilience Test
Before launching into the public through the media, first TVS motorcycle endurance test was 70 hours at Sentul in early May. "This test also proves resilience of our technologies and products. Note this resilience while creating the record Muri, "said BLP Simha, President Director of TVS Indonesia. Total distance test - nonstop engine start - reaching 5800 km or 1463 laps.

For consumers, to prove the durability and resilience Tormax greatness, TVS provides 3-year warranty. In fact, for certain components of 4 years.

When compared with 4 brand of Japanese sports ducks that had entered the Indonesian market first, in specification and ability, Tormax are at the highest strata. Engine capacity, power and torque produced, the working efficiency of the engine, TVS Tormax in the top position. It can be seen, power and torque Tormax obtained in the fourth round was lower than other Japanese duck. Tormax more suited to the traffic conditions now are more solid and remain responsive.

TVS claims, Tormax fuel consumption at a speed of 100 km / h, about 35 km / liter. At lower speeds, the duck with a clutch and manual transmission 5-speed, around 40 km / hr.

Technology that supports the ability Tormax machine is Turbotune and high compression ratio. Another interesting feature and also is new is the "Dual Muffler Tune" (exhaust sound can be changed through a switch on the handlebars). Another engine technology is to get the machine working efficiency, compression ratio 11.3: 1.

Another interesting feature is the digital speedometer that can record the highest speed and acceleration from 0 -60 km / h (proof of greatness rider), engine temperature indicator, reminder helem, servicing and battery.

For appearance, from front Tromax give the impression like a cobra. While sein type LED lamp, adding Tormax identity as a modern sports ducks.

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