Friday, May 20, 2011

ZTE is China's rulers Cloud Computing

ZTE Corporation claims to have occupied the first rank of cloud computing in China with 107 of his patent application. So that was launched in ZTE official statement on Thursday (05/19/2011).

Not only that, five new proposals from ZTE for infrastructure, architecture and ecological systems of cloud computing has been approved by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector ITU-T FG on Cloud Computing Conference to-5 in Geneva, Switzerland.

ZTE started investing for patent applications, cloud computing since 2006. Based on data from China's State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) in 2010, ZTE was ranked first in terms of the number of patent applications cloud computing in China has 107 patent applications, followed by Huawei (94), Tsinghua University (52), the Institute of Computing Technology of The Chinese Academy of Sciences (44), Huazhong University of Sci & Tech (41), Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (33) and Zhejiang University (30).

Top leadership positions and long-term commitment to this, ZTE was elected as Vice Chairman of FG Cloud, which is a research and development entity affiliated with the ITU, which was established in June 2010 and engaged in ecological systems, architecture, infrastructure and other aspects other than cloud computing. In addition, ZTE also fill three key positions in the same time authoritative.

Currently, the competition between various vendors on the latest technologies such as LTE and cloud computing increasingly heated. ZTE themselves are aware that LTE technology and cloud computing is the future of the company as well as generate significant growth in both the field of technology.

In 2010, ZTE was ranked second among all companies in the world in terms of PCT patent applications. In the same year, the major patent applications in the field of LTE, ZTE reached 7 percent of the entire industry.

For the Indonesian market, cloud computing is still a new technology that began to gain the attention of many telecommunications companies of Indonesia. With 107 patent applications owned by cloud computing today, ZTE hopes to help the Indonesian telecommunication company with leading cloud computing technology.

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