Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • FredAkbar
    Jul 12, 01:56 PM
    [edit: looks like bwawn beat me to it, and his way of doing it is probably better unless you have Terminal-ophobia ;)]

    Firstly (and obviously) make sure Classic isn't running.

    Also, did you try logging in as root? If you don't have a root account, it's pretty simple to create one using NetInfo Manager (in your Applications-->Utilities folder).

    If you got your Mac in 2002 or earlier, you can start up from an OS 9 CD, and I'm pretty sure you could delete the 9 system folder from there, without having to deal with OS X permissions and such.

    Good luck.


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  • ClassicMac247
    Jan 14, 07:21 PM
    Hard to say but its not like I get free gifts on january 15th, so i have to go with holidays in that respect.

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  • benhollberg
    Apr 26, 10:53 AM
    This has bothered me every since I got a new Mac back in 2009. I must have the numerical keypad for my uses, I love the Apple keyboard but I hate that cord. I serious am disappointed in this, I would pay extra money for this.

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  • Vlade
    Nov 21, 11:05 AM
    After getting the beta to work after several attempts, I'm getting around 650 PPD on my first unit on a 2.0GHZ MBP Core Duo. I would love to install this on my friends Mac Pro!

    Is there a way to limit the CPU usage with the SMP beta, I want to find some balance of CPU usage that allows me to run the fans at around 2500-3000 RPM, they are at 4000 now at full capacity, but I don't want my fans to break AGAIN (I'm 1 for 3 on apple laptops that have fans work for more than a year without making noises that sound like they came from hell)


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  • Doga
    Nov 13, 05:58 AM
    Yup, I got the ad screen when I went to the site out of curiosity, after seeing this thread. Pathetic and annoying.

    I used to like Spymac but I stopped visiting the site last year after the changes. Sure it may have its fans but to me it's a pile of dung. Can someone please explain where the "spy" is in Spymac, especially these days?

    MacRumors, on the other hand, is as terrific as it's ever been. But we know that. Yes we do.

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  • MikePA
    Feb 20, 06:43 PM
    I've never seen somebody more clueless.

    If Geohot loses, Apple could try another pass at it. Even the lowest court could throw out the Library of Congress's opinion.

    Clearly somebody wasn't paying attention in middle school history when they went over constitutional powers.

    I just donated $100. Geohot is a drama queen but this has absolutely nothing to do with him as a person but the importance of what he did.

    You are the one who is clueless. LOC has ruled it LEGAL. It wasn't their opinion.

    And who will Apple sue, or intimidate, as an equally clueless person posted? Answer that question oh wise one. :rolleyes:

    Donated $100. PT Barnum was right.


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  • buryyourbrideau
    Dec 14, 10:12 PM
    Talib Kwali thirded. I don't even know what that means, but it gave spell check a hard time.

    It's very cool. :cool:

    Haha very clever


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  • dsn112
    Jun 18, 07:33 AM
    All apple stores are opening at 7am

    5th Ave Store
    Store hours: 24/365
    We will be closing at 12:01 a.m. on June 19. We will reopen at 7 a.m. on Friday, June 19 for the arrival of iPhone 3G S.


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  • Ikyo
    Mar 11, 06:46 AM
    Yeah, craigslist is up and down. I am selling some of my camera equipment on there and get a ton of emails, but a lot of them are really low offers. I don't mind them, but I laugh when people get upset when I say no.

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  • alex00100
    Apr 13, 10:45 AM
    i wont buy now anyway. i just bought MBP and i just dont have money for it. i will buy it in summer or even autumn. if so, should i just wait that time and see if there more rumors about it?
    also, im just curious, what can apple improve?


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  • Bear
    Sep 17, 08:57 PM
    I'm there with the Bear.
    Also, from an email I got from apple:
    So I'm guessing that means no major releases. You may have to hold out a while longer for your multi-media 'Pod yet!
    ..But you never know with Apple - damn them, damn them all!A multimedia iPod would have a the very least a big press conference. And we usually find out about those a week or two in advance. Since there is no keynote in Paris this year, I'd say no video iPod just yet.

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  • jph.daulte
    Feb 15, 11:07 AM
    I don't know; at the 1st installation (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch + applications), everything was working untill I red my emails and tried to save as .pdf and try to print a popup of this web page;

    For the 2nd installation, I did (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch) but in safe boot mode. So I don't know...

    Now I'm still working in safe boot mode.



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  • NumeroTen
    Apr 6, 05:55 AM
    Check our rapidweaver that would be perfect for what your describing.

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  • Daedalus256
    Dec 6, 03:40 PM
    Are you sure your computer isn't saying "Could not load MySpace, Reason: It's for 13 year old losers."? ;)

    I'm sorry, I can't stand that site.


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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 11, 10:45 AM
    Also I even tried restoring twice into earlier OS X Lion backups but that didn't even work :/ :(

    I had a similar problem with Lion DP1. I erased the HD with Apples Disk Utility and reinstalled Lion DP1. However, the safe boot works usually in the final versions of Mac OS X.

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  • munkle
    Nov 9, 09:41 PM
    Didn't get the ad screen for me but I've stopped visiting SpyMac a loong time ago.

    And yes I hate those animated adverts, makes me vow to never buy the product that's being advertising. Had an odd situation on another website awhile ago, where the page would never render correctly in Safari when a Microsoft Office banner came up. If it was any other ad then the page would render fine, if it was Microsoft's turn then I would have to use Firefox...conspiracy I tell you! :eek: :p


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  • Counterfit
    Nov 6, 05:45 PM
    Well, I just tried and downloaded 64kB. Do you have an uncorrupted copy you can replace it with?

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  • simX
    Dec 21, 06:44 PM
    Originally posted by Koyder
    I guess the Star Wars kid can now kiss the "2003's Lamest" award goodbye...

    Hahaha good one. Although SpyMac was always a contender for that award.

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  • GrowingSmiles
    Feb 12, 11:46 AM
    This is funny :)

    Dec 26, 01:08 AM
    If only they would fix URLs in events/appointments; iCal supports them, MobileMe does not.

    I'll bet the only reason these most recent updates happened was because people complained about where was deficient. Make you voice heard, we'll all benefit.

    Dec 7, 05:46 PM
    Can I ask what's up with the hard drive?
    what about it?

    TwinCities Dan
    Oct 9, 10:18 PM
    There are so many, but Rodrigo Y Gabriela are something special... ;) :)

    skyline r34
    Oct 10, 11:05 PM
    I've been a window's user for years and one day I was shopping at Fashion Valley Mall here in San Diego and I stop by the Apple store to check out what thay have to offer and I play around with a Mac Mini using the Mac Osx Tiger software and just love it, so right then and there I bought a Mac Mini computer that day, and that was five months ago and know i'm ready to graduate to a PowerMac G5 computer. I'm plan on buying the G5 for christmas.

    Jan 13, 01:47 AM
    What if its not a MacBook but rather a 5.1 sound systems with wireless speakers. Apple is rumoured to be replacing their boombox, so why not jump to the next tech and also incorporate streaming from AppleTV etc

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