Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • shenfrey
    May 6, 11:51 AM
    Soon enough, the OP will have to submit a change to his name to ihaveimac

    lol thats the first thing I thought when I saw the thread and his name I was like 'hmm, whats he gonna do when he gets an imac, make another account?" lol

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 13, 12:15 PM
    Picture this:

    Graveyard with 1000 serenity videos, nobody ever visits, just the videos, playing to each other, endlessly, as long as the sun shines...


    I'm gonna go hug my son now...

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Apr 11, 12:49 AM
    Sometimes a few minor alterations are all you need to spruce up a tired old logo ...

    FTW... That is awesome and funny :cool:

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  • bilestyle
    Sep 3, 03:25 PM
    Sick of applescript programs for video conversion, here's my new Cocoa app written entirely in Objective-C, multithreaded, to encode a variety of movie formats into vcd mpeg1/svcd mpeg2, xvcd, xsvcd, and DVD ready for DVD Studio Pro format.

    Digital Schism webpage:

    Download Link:

    There is a variety of different options available for todays media afficianado, we find the format to be trusted by the experts, and that maintains the widest range of compatability is MPEG. (Specifically MPEG-1 and MPEG-2)

    It has become clear to us that it isn't as easy as it should be to convert the wide array of available media formats to (S/X)VCD/DVD. In an effort to answer a large demand for a simple to use program that encompasses the large spectrum of options available to the Macintosh platform we are proud to bring you Echelon.

    Convert multiple files

    Echelon delivers the capability of converting a large queue list of files to a variety of different MPEG based formats (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). It aims to employ all the complex video tools in one easy to use program.

    Limitless customization

    In an effort to accomodate your personal needs each file maintains its own individual settings. It is also possible to save your favorite presets for future usage.

    Fast, Reliable, Simple

    We have put in endless hours of research to only allow conversion methods that will solely yield usable end products. We aim to have a harmonious blend of intuitition and simplicity, the things you have come to expect as a Macintosh user.

    Advanced User Features

    In an effort to meet the needs of the varied levels of experience within our userbase we have implemented an array of advanced features for each encoder included.

    Realtime Preview

    In addition to intuitive graphical and textual progress indication, the user has the freedom to view the actual frames of video as they are encoded.

    Multiple Effect Filters

    From adjusting gamma (to be implemented later), to deinterlacing, to denoising we attempted to supply all the necessary effect filters for any of your desired outcomes.

    World friendly

    We will be localizing Echelon in multiple languages, and are up to suggestion for any localizations we didn't cover, dont hesitate to contact us with more language suggestions.


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  • wurgi
    Mar 24, 01:29 PM
    It means you should be lining up now lol.

    I think any apple store will be safe for launch day. Even if its a long line, I think they'll be good with large quantities for the weekend.

    No way I'm spending the night out with this cold :P Plus I'm working. I'll be heading there tomorrow at 12:30. Yeah, I think t should be fine, although I only want the 16GB White.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 19, 04:46 AM
    Now where can I get those...?


    Very nice job... :)


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  • uaecasher
    Mar 18, 06:35 AM
    Personally, I hate RETAIL as it takes away time from family and other important tasks one needs.. Plus I prefer 9-5 with weekends off. I am an Administrator for a small, family size firm and my hours are not retail.. been there done that - retail has no future, and from what I heard how reps are treated in an apple retail store, a lot complain about the pay which is too low and with gas prices going sky high and food prices also(recession ISN'T OVER, but RE-GENERATING), its impossible to survive on the rate of pay for a retail sales rep.

    If you want to make it in the Apple Store, I'd suggest Genius or if you have managerial experience, Store Manager.

    I agree with you.

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  • GodBless
    Jan 25, 03:03 AM
    So - been using Mail for some time and today it started doing the wierdest thing. Everytime new mail arrives from the server it will register in my INBOX (with the little number showing new messages) but the instant I click the INBOX, all the new mail disappears. It doesn't go to trash or junk, it just vanishes. I have searched all over for it and can't find it.

    Try deleting your mail preference file in your home directory. I.e. the "" file in your /Users/"Home Directory"/Library/Preferences/ folder. Don't worry the file will replace itself. Deleting it just sets the application's preferences back to default. You might need to change your Mail application settings back to the way you want them and this might not solve your problem. I'd say give it a shot though. Deleting preference files seems to always solve problems I have with my applications. :D Remember the greatest risk is not taking one. If you don't compromise one thing you will always compromise another. I think deleting the preference file is the wise choice.

    Edit: BTW you might want to check and see if your "INBOX.mbox" file is in the Users/"Home Directory"/Library/Mail/"POP mail"/ folder. If it isn't then this might be why the Mail program is getting rid of your Mail. If this is the case I'd delete the POP account from the Mail application (accessible from the Mail preferences) and then put it on again. If the "INBOX.mbox" file is still missing then get back to me and I'll give you a few more troubleshooting tips.


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  • old-wiz
    Feb 12, 10:02 AM
    Amazing that a failure sold how many millions since it was launched? And how much money did Apple earn the last quarter? If this is failure, there are lots of companies that need to start producing a failure or two.

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  • Snowcat001
    Mar 15, 05:11 PM
    the more the better!

    eagerly awaiting Aperture 3.1 to speed a few things up and please add pinch zoom for the MBP users, even Lightroom has pinch zoom.

    I'm happy with the new Aperture but these tiny little things can be improved.


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  • rmlred
    Mar 15, 04:42 PM
    Here are a couple camera tricks that can really make your shots more creative.

    the dolly effect

    Perfect pan

    making a home made steady cam

    Dude thanks, that will defiantly help me out.

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  • harleymhs
    Apr 24, 06:34 AM
    Does anyone have the manual for the 11" MBA ? Great Post ! :D


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  • Macsavvytech
    May 4, 02:10 AM
    plz brands. going to order tomorrow from my friend.

    4GB (2x2GB) 1333MHz

    MacBook 13" 2008 Unibody. 2.0 GHz C2D. Mac OS X 10.6.7. 160GB Stock 5400RPM.

    will be very appreciated (+ virtual cookie)

    have heard of crucial and OWC... is it good?
    and the ridiculously expensive Corsair RAM

    Crucial and OWC are both very good brands.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 8, 08:15 PM
    Yes, I did. But I listed the item as "as-is" with no returns. Is there any way the buyer can get around this?

    I wouldn't think so because he accepted the terms of the deal when he bid. It's a legal contract, but call eBay to find out for sure.


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  • Abstract
    Sep 15, 05:26 AM
    An LCD gravestone screen would be pretty useful. Now I won't have to haunt the dreams of my future grandchildren when I die!

    Next up: A video feed "live" from inside the casket. Watch grandpa decompose.

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  • AppledUp
    Apr 23, 05:51 PM
    I really like the griffin elevator but im looking for one where i can use the laptop comfortably while its not connected to a different screen


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  • dominickator
    Apr 22, 06:34 PM
    I have a white iPhone 4, so i'll tell you about my experience.

    Mine doesn't work, but it's an easy fix. I haven't bothered though.
    It works fine.
    It is not, but the proximity sensor doesn't work on more conversions than the earpiece not working.
    The camera is fine. Even the flash is fine.

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  • cootersgarage6
    Feb 11, 10:52 PM
    Hi, I want to put some CD's that I purchased on my iTunes to put on my iPod. The only problem is that I am getting a new laptop soon, my BlackBook is dyeing.)))): Well, so far I have bought all my music on iTunes, but it's so expensive. I bought many CD's like I said, and I'm putting them on iTunes. When I plug the iPod into a new computer, it would ask me if I wanted to transfer my purchases. And everything that I bought would transfer. The songs that I got from other websites wouldn't transfer. But If I import the CD's through iTunes, will it still transfer to the new computer? Or do they have to be bought from iTunes?

    Thank You!

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  • paolo-
    Mar 7, 11:52 PM
    From what I understand, high impedance headphones came about in old studios. The main advantage is that you can run many headphones in parallel (on tube amps). I guess it would all come down to power transfer, the amp acts as a load in itself in a way, and if the headphone impedance is really low, you won't get a good signal as most of the power will be dissipated in the amp.

    But most modern D/A end with an opamp, or at least I'm guessing the one in the macs do. It's certainly not tube. As much as opamps probably don't have the sound quality of tube, their output impedance is very low. So there shouldn't be a power transfer problem. So I'm guessing that noise shouldn't be a big problem. Sure the voltage in the high impedance will be higher, thus there should be a bit less noise, but really, that's nothing compared to having a cheap D/A stuck inside a computer. Also there shouldn't be a problem with the frequency response.

    From what I understand, tube amps have a higher output impedance, so they can have a hard time with certain low impedance headphones.
    Apparently, there's could be a difference in sound as there's a bigger magnetic field, so possibly better control over the diaphragm. But I somehow doubt that high impedance headphones will make a macbook pro sound magically good.

    I could be totally be off, I never came across high impedance headphones. Kind of a cool thing to think about.

    Dec 9, 02:16 PM
    Personally, I think it's a refresh rate issue which I think is a software issue. If I put any of my LCDs on the wrong refresh rate, they have identical lines to those of the powerbook.

    Apr 23, 03:43 AM
    I'm an Android guy but I bought an iPad 2. Since I didn't know much of the app store, I bought an app for $9.99 with my mom's credit card (it's on her account). but i wanted to use my 25 dollar gift card, i didn't know you were supposed to redeem it first -___-.

    i sent an email reporting it saying it was a mistake. do you think they will revert it or does apple have a no return policy?

    Apr 16, 11:53 AM
    What program is that? And yes, I'm also noticing better (i.e. less accelerated) mouse movement in Lion (using Magic Mouse).
    Nice to hear! I began to thought it was just an illusion but I guess I'm wrong \o/

    It was a picture from
    But I prefer USB Overdrive

    Oct 5, 08:37 PM
    9. What does the settlement provide?
    NVIDIA has agreed to provide a replacement of the NVIDIA GPU or MCP to Class Members who purchased certain versions of some Dell, Inc. or Apple Inc. notebook computers that contain an NVIDIA chip and who send in a valid Claim Form and appropriate supporting documentation.

    NVIDIA has also agreed to provide a fund in the amount of $2,000,000 to provide reimbursements if you purchased a version of one of the notebook computer models identified in the Full Notice that contains an NVIDIA GPU or MCP during the dates listed in the Full Notice experienced certain identified symptoms, and have appropriate documentation proving that you paid to have the notebook computer repaired. The amount of reimbursement may depend on the number of reimbursement claims received.

    (note: edited down for clarity)

    22. How will the lawyers be paid?
    Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees and expenses in the amount of $13,000,000. NVIDIA will pay Class Counsel’s fees and expenses. These amounts will not come out of any funds for payments to Class Members. NVIDIA has agreed not to oppose these fees and expenses.

    So, the buyers gets a new chip and a split on the 2 mill... the lawyers get $13 mill... HOW many hours did you say they worked?

    Jan 17, 10:44 PM
    Cool you should post it here though

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