Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • bilestyle
    Sep 3, 03:25 PM
    Sick of applescript programs for video conversion, here's my new Cocoa app written entirely in Objective-C, multithreaded, to encode a variety of movie formats into vcd mpeg1/svcd mpeg2, xvcd, xsvcd, and DVD ready for DVD Studio Pro format.

    Digital Schism webpage:

    Download Link:

    There is a variety of different options available for todays media afficianado, we find the format to be trusted by the experts, and that maintains the widest range of compatability is MPEG. (Specifically MPEG-1 and MPEG-2)

    It has become clear to us that it isn't as easy as it should be to convert the wide array of available media formats to (S/X)VCD/DVD. In an effort to answer a large demand for a simple to use program that encompasses the large spectrum of options available to the Macintosh platform we are proud to bring you Echelon.

    Convert multiple files

    Echelon delivers the capability of converting a large queue list of files to a variety of different MPEG based formats (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). It aims to employ all the complex video tools in one easy to use program.

    Limitless customization

    In an effort to accomodate your personal needs each file maintains its own individual settings. It is also possible to save your favorite presets for future usage.

    Fast, Reliable, Simple

    We have put in endless hours of research to only allow conversion methods that will solely yield usable end products. We aim to have a harmonious blend of intuitition and simplicity, the things you have come to expect as a Macintosh user.

    Advanced User Features

    In an effort to meet the needs of the varied levels of experience within our userbase we have implemented an array of advanced features for each encoder included.

    Realtime Preview

    In addition to intuitive graphical and textual progress indication, the user has the freedom to view the actual frames of video as they are encoded.

    Multiple Effect Filters

    From adjusting gamma (to be implemented later), to deinterlacing, to denoising we attempted to supply all the necessary effect filters for any of your desired outcomes.

    World friendly

    We will be localizing Echelon in multiple languages, and are up to suggestion for any localizations we didn't cover, dont hesitate to contact us with more language suggestions.

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  • walterwhite
    Apr 27, 06:17 PM
    4 pin = 400 FW no power - used on DV video cameras
    6 pin = 400 FW with power - HD's, scanners, etc
    9 pin = 800 FW with power

    The great thing about firewire... no processor power is used, unlike USB that uses the processor.

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  • IgnatiusTheKing
    Apr 10, 10:34 PM
    hth :cool:

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  • rickvanr
    Oct 18, 09:34 PM
    PS2, not PSP... and wouldnt a mini PS2 have the same size cds so that all the games that have been released to date are compatible. Although, with my experience, burnt media will usually not play in playstations, burnt cds are simply a no go, and burnt dvds are a toss up.

    If you want to listen to MP3s CD or DVDs, just get a cheap dvd player, you can even get DivX DVD players, my friend got a no namer for $100 CDN... and I got a Yahama DivX DVD player for $200 CDN...


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  • IwantImac
    May 6, 11:09 AM
    No not at all. It's bassicly to try out and see what apple can offer.

    Besides that i will do some small gaming, but this can't be considered as an issue.

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  • Gix1k
    Mar 14, 10:15 AM
    And if you would have taken the time to go to the right forum and look on the first page you would have seen that we have been talking about it since 8pm last night.

    yeah yeah...beat it!


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  • Counterfit
    Sep 29, 03:35 PM
    Me? I bought mine at the store on the 18th.

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  • lovedakota
    May 4, 01:40 PM
    My guess is around $100, so it may be worth waiting for a little while. At this point, I personally won't be upgrading for a while, as I'm not a huge fan of what I have seen so far out of Lion.

    That's what I thought, if waiting a week or two can save me a couple of bucks, then its worth the wait.


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  • kdoug
    May 2, 08:53 PM
    I did what parapup suggested.

    I went with OWC with their data doubler combo which was the 128SSD (115 usable) with the optibay for 279. I then bought the optical drive housing for 24 from max upgrades total around 310.

    Its about what I wanted to spend and hopefully I'll only use the HD for data storage.

    Stupid question, will the OSX install disc boot from the external drive or do I need to replace my main HD, then install osx, then replace the optical drive?

    also, time machine will have no trouble right?

    THANKS for all your help guys
    It'll boot holding down the alt/option key. Time machine will have no troubles. Ideally the best time to do this is when your computer is new and you can clone your virgin disk with CCC. You than copy that to another partition, lets say USB drive. You'll never have to use the optical drive again.

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  • SchneiderMan
    May 18, 06:24 PM
    other Rumors mainly from the survey taken a while back seem's like there will be a Built in netflix app no disc needed more Facebook features First choice beta accesses and cloud service to store online saves etc.

    I still won't tamt to pay for that crap.. All I want to do is fracking play multiplayer games!!


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  • OPTiK
    Mar 14, 07:51 AM
    did u make any "add-ons" i.e OpenSSh, SBSettings ?


    For some reason, I always get error 3601 whenever I try to restore on iTunes. I can't get it to work!

    Looks like a firewall issues, I'd turn off any firewalls you have.

    after hours of frustration, i finally got it to restore with a custom .ispw. Noe im trying to figure out the tetheredboot part. Firstly, i don't seem to find the files located in the / least not the ones i need, i've got 48 instead of 90. When i turn the ipad on i see cydia, but it crashes upon opening, this is a result of still being not tethered, right? Basically what i'm asking i guess is for some help with the last part of this process.

    sn0wbreeze does this for you.. it loads a folder "iBooty" onto your desktop with the tetheredboot app and the necessary files, so all you have to do is open it up and run/follow directions. If cydia doesnt open then that means that the jb isnt active via the tether.

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  • philipma1957
    Feb 14, 06:28 PM
    Don't mean to hijack, but I wanted to see what your opinion of the current mini at a high resolution performs like (2560x1440)?

    when I went from the 2007 2.0 with the intel gpu to a 2.26 2009 with a nvidia 9400 gpu.

    i had huge eyeTv improvement in picture quality it was off the air rooftop antenna and CBS NBC ABC FOX all had better reception. Sports movies everything improved along with DVD and netflix streaming. I later upgraded to a 2.66 2009 8gb ram with a double estata hack . I use a pair of these as twin boot drives.


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  • xFU3Lx
    Dec 15, 04:22 PM
    How do I get to it? says its behind a little door inside the battery compartment. That door isn't there. Do I have to take the logic board off?

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  • Mystic385
    Jul 29, 04:26 PM
    Nope. It appears their are none available.


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  • wickedG35
    Jun 29, 08:10 PM
    Hi guys,

    For sale is a mint Dell 24" flat panel LCD monitor with built in card reader and USB hub. I bought it 11 months ago and it is in absolute mint condition. No scratches or dead pixels whatsoever. I am selling because I bought a 30" LCD as an upgrade. I will post up pictures later tonight when I get home.

    Please PM me if you are interested and I will get back to you tonight. Paypal preferred!

    Asking $485 + shipping firm. Local pickup in Southern California welcome.


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  • mrblack927
    Mar 31, 03:22 PM
    I hear a lot of confusion about this. I don't know why TechCrunch said what they did, but by all accounts, there is no golden master right now. This is just a developer preview. After this there will (probably) be betas. And after that there will eventually be a golden master or two.

    Apple uses the term "golden master" uniquely, but it's basically what most software companies would call a "release candidate". The goal is to make only one RC. You release a RC build when you legitimately believe that the product is complete and this is the build you plan on releasing to the public. It's the last phase in testing. You let your testers try it out and see if there are any show-stopping flaws, if not, the "release candidate" becomes the "release".

    When the GM is ready, it will be released to developers and labeled as such, and the public release will follow very shortly after. I don't know why TechCrunch is claiming this is an "internal GM", maybe they know something I don't, but as it stands it seems they are just causing confusion.


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  • fabian9
    May 3, 11:16 AM
    Hi, if I want to update my jailbroken iPhone will I need to restore it before (or at any point during)?
    I realise I'll lose my jailbreak, but I'm just wondering if it would require a restore.

    (Sorry if it's been asked over and over again but I can't find anything that directly answers this question.)

    To answer your question, I just upgraded from JB 4.3.1 to JB 4.3.2 without restoring. Just updated to stock 4.3.2 in iTunes, then ran redsn0w over it to jailbreak, then reinstalled all my JB packages.

    Not sure if not going through a full restore will have any adverse affects, I certainly haven't noticed any yet though!

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  • decafjava
    May 6, 02:49 AM
    Well I noticed the quick location fix on my workplace is gone-it must be rebuilding its data. ;)

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  • 840quadra
    Jan 4, 03:54 AM
    I have been communicating via PM to HexMonkey, thanks for the clarification on what has occurred. I didn't notice that the article hadn't been moved, I mistook the "cleanup" template tag, as a tag signifying the post was moved to the "ugly" category. I was in error thinking that.

    The point of the cleanup template isn't to tell the original author that they need to clean it up, but rather that the community in general needs to clean it up, since each article is not "owned" by the original author (so a PM wouldn't be appropriate). Personally I don't agree with them being called "ugly guides", it's usually more an issue of them not being consistent with formatting of other pages (and sometimes also having bad spelling and/or grammar) than them being ugly. For reference, all I originally did was add the cleanup template to the top of the page, and as a side effect it's added to the Ugly Guides category. I didn't "move" the article there.

    I have no problem with people making changes, that wasn't the issue. The issue was the fact that it was changed without notice while I was still working on the page ( I and many others are still learning the interface) .

    since each article is not "owned" by the original author (so a PM wouldn't be appropriate).

    I understand that fully, but i don't agree with the PM comment. The issue with PM'ing people not being appropriate may be true for a huge Wiki, or one on a site that isn't associated with a forum that has a PM system. Macrumors is neither of those, and it only takes a second to see if the person that created an article is online by checking the forums.

    Mar 16, 01:05 PM
    Don't you have enough games to play through already? LMFAO
    j/k MRU :D

    don't even go there. :o I went out and bought Bullet Witch & SSX Blur today :rolleyes: That on top of Motorstorm PS3 arriving in the post :D :rolleyes: :D I'm not sure if I'm a gamer or addicted to shopping :D

    Oct 24, 08:29 PM
    How ironic...a month after I LEFT Tulsa they open an Apple store *slaps forehead*

    Apr 5, 03:48 PM
    Or be a clever bean and take off the Gore options in easy mode. Or just put the option in for anymode. Adult and suck at it? Easy mode, tick Gore box. Child present? untick Gore box.

    Rail shooters are just twich/reaction based games. They could totally remove blood and the game would still work. Hell if this game is just Point Blank with a Resident Evil/Zombie theming then it would still work.

    :confused: Resident Evil 4 isn't a rail shooter.

    RE4 is one of my favorite games. I'm not sure I would buy it again just to use Wiimotes, they would have to add something extra.

    Mar 19, 01:25 PM
    Why does it matter if I am a new member? Does it mean I can't voice my opinion? Don't treat me like I'm some little kid.

    Honestly, $560 is a high final price when you see the completed auctions for a new unlocked one that are mostly around $500. But congrats on your winning auction from the hacked account.

    Great. I'm glad thats your opinion. I don't care. If I can get ahold of the winning bidder (not the phisher) and he wants it, I will send him exactly what he paid, at a price he chose, not me. I started it at $200, which is a very reasonable price. He chose how much to pay; and its not my fault that you're jealous/envious/whatever you are(?) about how much it ended for.

    Apr 20, 09:43 PM
    Great to find there is a thread about peel 520.
    I am planning to grab one as soon as possible , just wondering which one is better ? C peel T188 or yosion peel 2nd .

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