Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • China Diapers
    Apr 16, 04:04 AM

    I am trying to run a java solution remotely on a server, I am using the below command in the terminal:

    java RemoteShellClient 50001 "cmd" "java -jar -Dusername=xxx -Dpassword=xxx -DcCodes=all C:\BetInTime.jar ServiceSF"

    Confidential info hidden with x's.

    But am getting the below error:

    Invalid input data

    Could this be a syntax error?


    OK, on further inspection, the shellscript seems to rely on some batch files:


    Contents of which are:

    set ClassPath=RemoteShell.jar
    java RemoteShellServer %1 %2

    set ClassPath=RemoteShell.jar
    java RemoteShellClient %1 %2 %3 %4

    javac -g:none *.java
    jar cvf RemoteShell.jar *.class

    Do you think it would help to rewrite these as bash files?

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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 21, 05:42 PM
    Damn one game looking forward to :- Wing Island , turns out to be a turd and my hopes for a pilotwings bit of fun vansihes in a puff of smoke...

    5 / 10

    4.0 Presentation
    First-generation PS2 or GCN stuff. Basic, contrived storyline and archaic production values.
    4.0 Graphics
    Plain, not plane. Simple level designs with minimal artistic or technical stand-outs. Runs at 60 frames in 480p / 16:9, at least.
    4.0 Sound
    Generic background music and Banjo-Kazooie-like character blips minus the charm.
    5.0 Gameplay
    Single-craft missions are usually fun, if shallow. But the formation flying is a bore and a chore.
    5.0 Lasting Appeal
    The single-player affair won't last gamers too long. There is a two-player mode to come back to, but most won't care.

    5.0 Meh OVERALL

    "Where have all the good games gone ?" They better start arriving soon cause I'm getting really peeved. :( Even super swing golf seems to have been pulled for euro release disapearing off the radar :(

    Edit: 1up gave it a great score of 3/10 BAD. :(

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  • DewGuy1999
    May 6, 08:17 PM
    What kind of ports are used for each graphic card and it's corresponding monitor, ie, DVI-to-DVI, etc.? Have you tried different video cables?

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  • MilesNigel
    Mar 16, 11:30 PM
    Thanks for the input! I'd never heard of HomePlug, interesting.

    For my present situation, t sounds like basically the whole setup is pretty low grade; I've got a slow external hard drive & wifi is just plain slow to begin with. I might end up getting an additional hard drive for my desktop and using the "sharing" option as suggested. Trying not to spend much money =)

    Thanks again! I'll let you know what I come up with.


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  • dh2005
    May 6, 10:16 AM
    Glad to hear that :)

    I only do online gaming, btw.

    Sorry... do you mean that this machine will be specifically for gaming?

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  • theSeb
    Apr 28, 06:38 AM
    The iMac is getting ready to be refreshed. Should be sandy bridge processors. The mini will follow, since it uses the same parts, not long after the iMac. Your decision will depend on what your going to use it for.

    The mini does not use the same parts as the iMac to be pedantic. The mini uses MBP parts. The iMac uses desktop parts.


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  • Celticsun
    Oct 20, 04:12 AM
    Seriously nice work, I could see that on a billboard, infact get on the phone to Apples PR Team and sell them the idea.

    Even down to the humour Apple would use... pure Class!

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  • Bear
    Sep 21, 08:59 AM
    Hitachi is ex-IBM, so they have the worst historical reputation.Actually not all of the Hitachi drives are off the old IBM production lines. Hitachi had their own drive business as well. Also, Hitachi has applied their own technology and resources to the forer IBM production lines.

    And in truth, IBM had a couple of spectacular failures with one generation of drives that caused most of the IBM failure issues.


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 6, 08:08 PM
    So that's where Apple got their website idea from. Hmm.

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  • dantiston
    Apr 18, 03:55 PM
    I figured it out. I did have everything figured out -- but when I was first setting up the server, I set up our test domain, (church).net to a catchall -- in server admin there was an alias set to *

    I deleted the alias, set GoDaddy (which I highly despise) to point to our server, and Ta Da! Works fine.

    Moral of the story. Don't use catchalls.


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  • foobarbaz
    Oct 4, 03:44 PM
    What an unbelievable waste of time!

    Here's the 2 second version of that form:

    Do you have "Distorted or scrambled video on the notebook computer screen"?
    Did you buy your MacBook Pro between May 2007 and September 2008?

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  • alfred1986
    Nov 16, 11:35 PM (

    I just wondered by clicking on the link "The Snow Report"...What you mean a gift in that link?

    It just showed the downloading URL to iTunes!!!!:confused:


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  • Kiedoy
    Apr 9, 08:49 PM

    If so what do you think? is the charging port bigger than the oem apple bumper? (can you plug in non apple plugs)


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  • dstopsky
    Dec 5, 05:30 AM
    Not sure if I am going too far. If your web server supports php, as most do, try including this.

    <?php require_once('menu.html'); ?>
    where menu.html is the file which your menu is located.

    If you are unfamiliar with php or programming, start off with a blank page to test it out. Then proceed to put that code in different parts of the page to see how it comes out.

    Yes, my server supports php, but I tried a include file instead of require_once. I'll try that and see how it works. Thanks for the help.


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  • beejohn
    Apr 20, 11:13 PM
    See thread:

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  • iMac0765
    Jul 23, 08:55 PM
    1. Go here:

    2. Scroll down until you see "iPhone / iPod touch / iPad"

    3. Click the drop down menu and look for "iPod Touch __G 3.1.2 7D11" *

    4. Download the file and save it somewhere you remember

    5. Open iTunes and plug in your iPod Touch normally.

    6. Go into the iPod summary page and look for the "Restore button"

    7. While holding the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, click the "Restore" button

    8. A window will pop up asking to locate the .ipa (The file you downloaded)

    9. Select it and open it. It will now downgrade.

    10. Congrats you are now on the faster 3.1.2!

    *Fill the blank with the generation number.

    If you have a flat back, then it's the first generation (1G)
    If you have a curved back, and MB model number, it's the second generation (2G)
    If you have a curved back and MC model number, it's the third generation (3G)

    All 3.1.2 firmwares will be 7D11.

    Hope this helps.


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  • terzinator
    Apr 13, 09:29 PM
    We have a small graphic design firm... four designers working on Illustrator and InDesign files... files might be 200MB to 1GB, generally. Really varies. Might be a brochure, logo design, packaging, whatever.

    We have a Mac Mini Server running Snow Leopard Server, attached to a Promise RAID. All our files are on this unit. (Backed up regularly, yada yada.) We have a gigabit network, so it's plenty fast to move files around, etc...

    here's the issue/question...

    Our designers generally work on the files "on the server" rather than copy them down to their drives to work. They think it's faster and more efficient, and reduces the chances of extra files being created, or deleting the wrong one, or issues with "which version" is the most current, etc. Copying up and down files takes time, they say.

    I argue (I'm the tech guy, not a designer) that it's asking for trouble. That working "off the server" could create file corruption if there's a network issue, or if there's an issue with a computer that's working on the file, or whathaveyou. I also think it's slow, even though it's a fast network. Any time saved "copying the file up or down" is going to be lost waiting for files to open and save and render and whatnot. I think it's very INefficient. All around, I just think it's a bad idea.

    Whether it's a good idea, or a bad idea, or a standard practice, well, what say you? And if you think it's asking for trouble, what's the best way to deal with stuff like this? A different server? Is there good software that allows for making sure you're working on the current file, etc...? What are other graphic design firms doing in this regard?

    If this isn't the best place for the post, let me know and I'll see if I can have it moved.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • webmatthijs
    Aug 26, 11:35 AM
    ehm, lets see:
    could be...

    -ubar tmar album: fusion
    -REbRO " : no one gets out

    have a look in the itunes music store, if you have itunes ofcourse

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  • OSMac
    Feb 21, 07:35 AM
    Says it's Not compatible with current firmware, also it does not seem to be for an iPad?

    Nov 3, 06:37 AM
    jefhatfield is oldskool!

    better believe it.

    Apr 10, 06:45 PM
    I'd be very interested if anyone managed to do that as well...

    Jul 23, 02:16 PM
    I plan on showing up around 5-6am friday morning probably at West Ed

    Sep 23, 10:29 AM
    As a peripheral survivor of Hurricanes Hugo, Fran, and Floyd, among others, I think the big things that people learn are:

    1. Don't build TOO close to the shore. There's simply way too much footage of �ber-expensive beach houses falling into the water when a storm erodes away the sand from underneath the house.

    2. Design and build for a hurricane environment. My aunt and uncle live on Masonboro Sound in Wilmington, and the windows of their house are protected by permanently installed hurricane shutters which they leave up most of the time... if a hurricane is coming, all my uncle has to to is spend 10 minutes walking around the house and knocking out the supports for each shade... the shutter falls down and locks into place (unlocking it and putting the shutter back up is quite a bit more work). Also, the entire house is built on a full slab, on top of which there is an 8-foot high layer of brick and concrete before the house proper. With this design, they went through Floyd, Isabel, and a few other storms with ZERO damage.

    3. Don't build in a flood plain. This is good advice ANYWHERE, although some people are obviously too stupid to heed it.

    Mar 23, 04:56 AM
    GodFather has been getting ok reviews but is basically the PS2 game with a bit of waggle

    Cooking Mama - has been getting 'AWFUL' reviews

    Blazing Angels - has sucked the ass on all formats - wii is meant to be no different.

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