Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • zimv20
    Mar 27, 07:06 PM
    definitely something wrong, and any of the things you listed could be the culprit. time to start swapping out components...

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  • leomac08
    Aug 3, 06:08 PM
    Does this mean we're going to die? The article doesn't say so.:D

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  • qevalla
    Apr 25, 06:31 PM
    Can anyone help me why black color on the screen looks like shining and its difficult te see any photo or something like that(its like when you see from a corner on the normal screen).But when I see from a different angle it looks really good... so im having the problem only when I see from a normal view... this problem starts when I change a new lcd screen.
    If someone knows what to do I really appreciate that ...


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  • Popeye206
    Aug 1, 07:11 PM
    This does look like iOS4 is turning into Apple's Vista. .

    The biggest difference... Apple will fix the problems. MS just let it go.

    BTW... I've noticed lots of little things too... the most annoying being the proximity sensor issues. But I have confidence they will get fixed. I'm just hoping soon. :) But heck... it's only been just over a month since it shipped. :D


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  • Sodner
    May 6, 11:57 AM
    People come to forums such as this for help and to complain. Rare is it that someone logs on to post "My iMac works perfectly and I am 100% satisfied."

    But for me, that is exactly the case. My iMac is perfect and I am 100% satisfied with it. It was, other than my iPhone 4, my first Apple product, and as you can see from my sig I have bought a whole lot more. In fact I will be getting a second iMac to replace the last Windows XP machine in my home so that we can now be windows free. Other than my 3 laptops provided to me for my job. Yuck! :p

    If you go Apple, you'll never go back. :apple:

    iMac = 10
    iPhone4 = 10
    MBA = 10
    iPad2 = 8 (Light bleed)

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  • Lau
    Sep 22, 07:41 PM
    Ok, just checked on a PC, and its Quicktime is up to date, but won't play it. :( The error comes up saying "QuickTime is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the QuickTime server"

    I googled this response, but most seem to think that it's due to running Windows 95, or an older Netscape browser, and the PC I just used has XP, Quicktime 6 and as basically all up to date, I think.

    Firefox crops up on Google as causing this problem, but I tried it in IE, but it still doesn't play, although that error message doesn't appear. My dad (who alerted me to the fact it wasn't working) presumably tried it in AOL and alos had sound but no picture. Not that I particularly care whether it works on AOL, but it does prove it's a browser wide problem.


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  • mduser63
    Sep 16, 09:32 AM
    Personally I find that I can type much faster and more comfortably on a shallow keyboard like a PowerBook keyboard than on a deep keyboard (like an old original IBM keyboard). I have one of the classic IBM style keyboards hooked up to my PC, and I don't like it much. If I were going to buy a new keyboard, I'd go for something like the Icekey.

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  • munkery
    May 6, 01:06 AM
    MacSecurity is a variant of MacDefender.

    You should also be aware of the Weyland-Yutani Bot.


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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 12, 08:41 PM
    Running 10.7 DP2. iTunes runs fine, until I plug in my iPhone, at which point iTunes beach balls uncontrollably.

    Didn't have this problem before, this randomly started ... help?

    I'm not having any issues with my iPhone4 and iTunes. I suggest you file a bug report with the system log attached.

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  • reberto
    Dec 8, 06:05 PM
    yes i realize that, but i'm just wondering if your interested in maybe anything else to cut the cost a bit.

    early in the new year i could pay cash if u still have the PC then i'll contact you
    yeah, cash would be best :D


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  • nagromme
    Sep 16, 03:09 PM
    You'll get it. Just not THIS week :D

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  • Dustintendo
    Dec 5, 09:42 PM
    a 500 dually should be planty fast, although im not sure if those 2 500s act as a 1ghz in osx, or if the application has to be multithreaded

    maybe somone could answer that


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  • applet
    Jul 4, 02:06 AM
    Just a few clicks away from ordering a G4, 1.25, single,
    512MB, 64MB ATI radeon, 80GB superdrive system...
    off the apple store advertised system

    A few questions before I say...."I Do".....Hoping until
    death, do us part.

    Please help me make the choice for the right configuration
    of the system, for the following uses.

    Home DVD

    Mostly want to use the apple as a digital hub...
    have 8mm tapes from 94 and now got a sony digital handycam
    for video....want to covert it all to DVD's.
    Will be going for an ipod (15GB)...
    Have a canon powershot g1 and want to organize all the pics
    from the zoom browser.

    Want to go with the 512MB memory.....need more? less?

    2nd DVD/CD drive.....does it serve any purpose..?

    Let's say about 50 hours of recording.....Would the 60GB
    hard drive be sufficient?

    do i need the 128 MB nvidia card that is standard on the G4
    advertised on the store system, ($1900+) or can i make to
    with the 64MB radeon?

    1 1.25GHz processor is sufficient for movie editing and
    DVD, or is the dual processor utterly necessary?

    Should I go with the apple monitor, (17 inch Studio) ...
    really steep price.....want to buy it later....will the G4 work
    with a normal crt monitor that i Have? wanted to shop around
    for a good LCD? how important is the power/usb/digital connection? what is so great about apple monitors? aren't they
    just OEM'ing? who makes apple's displays?

    .MAC? is this useful? any catches? what is the real benefit
    other than virus protection? does mcafee/norton offer similar
    services for mac?

    the apple protection? will i be using the $249? or is apple
    h/w really great that i would never need to use it? does this
    cover dead pixels on monitors etc? will apple replace under

    Help me make the switch.

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  • delacruzjeff
    Mar 25, 12:37 AM
    ^^ this is why I will just order online then drive around to see if anyone have a stock then simply cancel my online order.


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  • mad jew
    Dec 16, 06:57 AM
    Yeah, these things sure are durable. :)

    And they don't have lines on their screens...

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  • queve
    Apr 12, 10:40 AM
    Anyone? Please?


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  • jsalzer
    Mar 5, 10:24 AM
    It makes my Pismo feel like he can still be useful. I'm primarily in it to help out with Mac Cow Disease. Someone has to look after the cows. Especially if there's a chance it could spread to my prescious Mooses (I'm a moose lover.)

    While I owe my start to MacRumors, I actually formed my own little team with the few computers I have control over. I enjoy seeing my team ranking slowly moving up the ranks (we're at around 2430 as a team now!)

    Since my Pismo is the team captain (though obviously not the lead producer), it makes him feel good, too.

    Edit - the scary part is, I had no intention of typing "Mac Cow". I really did mean Mad Cow. And, yet, I did it twice. Sometimes I think my fingers have a mind of their own. I also can't type "worship". It always comes out "workshop", since I work in continuing ed. Bad fingers!

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  • sbddude
    Apr 28, 05:35 PM
    the newest firmware (as of today) 4.3.2 is jailbreakable with redsn0w rc 14.

    preserve your baseband if you ever want to unlock or increase resale

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  • mlstein
    Apr 10, 10:41 AM
    Interesting. I was told that I couldn't tether but using the hotspot feature was different. appparently the rep didn't know what he was talking about:

    CF Fighter
    Jan 12, 08:52 PM
    The chair of the FCC talked earlier this week about the big push forward the US will see this year in digitizing the nation with the 700 mHz as well as WiMax and the digital conversion of TV stations. He wants true broadband access across the country and he says that 200 kbps is NOT broadband and new rules will be coming down the pipeline soon to force companies to up their network speeds and access.

    Sep 2, 03:11 PM
    I had a transaction with kntgsp. It went fine. I wouldn't worry, at least not yet :) It is the Labor Day weekend, after all :)

    glen e
    May 3, 09:47 AM
    I had an iPad (1st gen) and liked it to an extent. I "need" a computer with me at all times, and the iPad just didn't cut it for me. I gave that to my dad and got an 11" MBA with 4GB, and fell in love. I no longer have to carry the 15 MBP around with me, and the air is such a nice weight and size, and packs the same punch as it's bigger brother the pro with certain obvious limitations. I would go ahead and get a $25 USB DVD burner from newegg, and consider using USB drives or cloud storage as you mentioned. as far as iwork/office goes, if you are making these presentations and not distributing it to others, iwork would be fine. If others are giving you powerpoints and you are displaying them, you might want to get office to ensure compatibility.

    thanks so much - I think I'll get one today...the 999 model should do it, right?

    never storing more than 10 meg of files on it...

    Mar 2, 09:08 PM
    i was curious now and looked up google and look what i found ..that was the pippin
    and there exists even a museum for it

    ok i was wrong with os 8 but .... if i read that info of the museums site right it really was a macintosh in the wrong market and it could be used to access the world wide web , and surprise it could be connected to a television like the mini today , had this been marketed right as a mini macintosh with a harddrive and more ram it could have been the grandfather of the mini , so it was a product in the wrong market no wonder it didn't sell

    Jun 22, 01:47 AM
    Just called the Emeryville Apple store, and asked them if I could camp out there. They said they don't care but that I should check with Bay Street security. They gave me the number. The lady I talked to said that no camping is allowed on the sidewalk or street and police will be out that night. The time people can start lining up is at 7am. I called the Apple store on Powell in San Francisco and they said it no problem, no one ever gets bothered. Guess thats where I will be!

    Brrr. Powell's collllld. Stay warm out there if you go.

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