Saturday, June 4, 2011

joan collins 2010

joan collins 2010. Even sexy Joan Collins would
  • Even sexy Joan Collins would

  • brn2ski00
    Jun 24, 08:03 AM
    Wait, did I get the purple sock or did Kuebby?

    You both did. If you see the original post, there were 2 purple socks! :)

    joan collins 2010. Joan Collins
  • Joan Collins

  • balamw
    Mar 31, 12:04 PM
    Most bi-OS folks use a native Windows backup as their primary line of defense and run that within Windows. (The W7 backup is fairly decent).

    What we are talking about here is really imaging/cloning while booted to OS X, which can be useful in cases like the OPs where they may want to resize the Windows partition.

    If you use Parallels or Fusion with a non-shared (Boot Camp) VM, they VM is just a file and gets backed up with your regular Mac OS X backups. The VM software alos allows you to make "snapshots" of the VM as another level of backup. You lose that ability in a shared Boot Camp/VM install of Windows.

    So if you don't need full access to the hardware, stick with a VM-only install for the most flexibility.


    joan collins 2010. Joan Collins
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  • spaceballl
    Jun 14, 09:05 PM
    I lined up for the iPhone 3G last year! And I lined up with my girlfriend for the Palm Pre last weekend ( This year, i'm doing this by mail :). My 3GS should arrive on the 19th.

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  • John.B
    Dec 24, 09:33 AM
    Requires the updated version of the Calendar. I keep meaning to upgrade since I finally meet all the prereqs, but so many people had issues when they first rolled this out that I just haven't budgeted the time (to fix what it might screw up in my calendards) to get this done.

    roadbloc, I see what you mean, but it would be nice to be able to add an event on a friend's computer and still be able to get the alert on my iPhone. Right now I can create an event on but the actual alert has to be set up from my iPhone (or from Calendar on my Mac).


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  • gekko513
    Sep 9, 11:07 AM
    Keep your chin up and surround yourself with good friends that you can laugh with. They will help you through this time of crisis.
    Hehe, that's funny.

    joan collins 2010. Joan Collins#39; appearance
  • Joan Collins#39; appearance

  • WesCole
    Apr 22, 08:16 AM
    I'm a little confused, I understand the OSX and bootcamp win7 on the SSD but why are you partitioning the 750GB HDD? You might want to format the 750GB as mac osx journaled and get macdrive for win7, that way windows can write to both the bootable osx and the 750GB drive.

    I have one drive with 3 partitions. SL, Lion and win7 and can share files between each OS. Just a suggestion... :)

    I understand that part of the equation, but I was wondering if windows would give me the option to install programs (like office and photoshop) to the second hard drive. For example, would the installer be able to tell that it is a hard drive that windows can use to install programs?


    joan collins 2010. But only Joan Collins would
  • But only Joan Collins would

  • FriarCrazy
    Aug 5, 04:25 PM
    That was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I saw a guy that put a linux box in his car... This totally blows him away. Wow.

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 24, 03:24 PM
    The memcpy() function returns a pointer to dest. (

    That falls under "esoteric knowledge that nobody should ever bother with". Which means it immediately fails a code review, just like someone writing "a + 1 << i" and expecting people to know which operator has higher precedence.


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  • #39;Celebrity Ghost Stories#39;

  • mischief
    Feb 15, 12:57 PM
    Originally posted by Rower_CPU
    How do you know what it stands for, BrittasMac? :confused:

    And actually it's Demi-God Vigilante Press Gang, and the acronym can be attributed to dukestreet. :p

    � Mischief gunny-sacks Rower and makes with the molten-taffy-shoes/sleep with the fishes/dunking-booth-off-the-pier play.�

    He's lying... heheh.... it... er.... Demigod Volleyball Player Group... uh... yeah.... heh..... that's it...;)

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  • cocky jeremy
    Apr 1, 10:57 PM
    Nope. Opera is dead in Lion too. :(


    joan collins 2010. Cold forces Joan Collins out
  • Cold forces Joan Collins out

  • cmhsam
    Jun 19, 10:27 PM
    Got mine this evening as well. About 10 people in line, had to wait an hour. Thought they would have run out of 16gb model andwWas expecting a 3 hour wait like the launch of the 3G.

    Will the store be open tomorrow for non-iphone purchases?

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  • Jason Beck
    Aug 9, 02:25 AM
    I could have used a splayd tonight.



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  • notjustjay
    Sep 18, 02:44 PM
    I have a wall in my room that is slowly beginning to be covered by AOL CD's (and other similar junk CD's).

    I just tape them up with two-sided foam tape. Makes a nice wallpaper.

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  • getbigg21
    Dec 3, 01:15 PM


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  • QwertyDitto
    Aug 21, 04:49 AM
    Bump an old post shall we?

    I am felino on these forums.

    iPhone nano ftw. Read half way down the first page.

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  • xFU3Lx
    Dec 15, 05:58 PM
    So when you turn the machine upside down (with it facing you as normal) and take the battery our there is not a little door exposed facing you? Are there instructions printed under where the battery is?

    It should look like this with the door open (sorry about the quality, camera phone and max file size here)Absolutely no door. I was like WTF? when I opened it up and saw nothing.:mad:


    joan collins 2010. Joan Collins Joan Collins
  • Joan Collins Joan Collins

  • wordoflife
    Feb 19, 06:31 PM
    What about all that radiation coming from the laptop? :confused:

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  • Joan Collins at Mercedes-Benz

  • OSMac
    Mar 3, 08:56 AM
    Never been an idevice yet that has not been jailbroken.

    joan collins 2010. And Joan Collins: WATCH:
  • And Joan Collins: WATCH:

  • tpatricks
    Feb 23, 01:20 PM
    I got

    Connection Error: Could not connect to MySQL instance at localhost. Error: Unknown system variable 'sql_mode' (code 1193)

    You'd think they'd actually TEST IT before releasing to the public. I've used Navicat with great success (gotta love that scheduler; though it deletes everything else in cron), CocoaMySQL is good, too, though needs an update.

    It's possible that their MySQL Administrator ONLY works with their version of MySQL for Mac OSX. I'm using the original from Mac OS X Server, though don't know what the differences would be.

    Really, you'd think they'd test it first. Really.

    Sep 23, 10:38 AM
    Pretty cocky...I wouldn't hire him/her either :)

    Jul 3, 08:46 PM
    I've held off on 10.6.4 because of Photoshop CS5 slowdown reports. This update was heavily beta tested from what I remember. Lots of problems. I guess I'll wait till 10.6.5.

    Have you actually installed the latest Photoshop update (12.0.1)?

    Jun 19, 05:14 PM
    For sale: Ipod nano, 2nd gen, 4 gig. capacity, works great, like new: no scratches that I know of, screen is nice, has been kept in case or sleeve (from my 1st gen nano) all its life. It's the Product Red color. Comes with 'iwave' black metal case. Despite what the pictures may show, the screen is bright and clear; the red aluminum is uniform in color and rather immaculate.

    Includes retail packaging (no headphones unless you're really interested in sharing used ones...), USB cable, documentation, stickers, dock adapter, a number of UPC-ed bags from when I opened it. Package is missing UPC code from last year's back to school promotion for college students. I'm trying to sell my way into an ipod Touch. Also would entertain (crazed?) offers of trade + $ for touch.

    I can take pictures if you'd like.

    Caveat: It's got the engraving, w/ my name and email address. Plus I guess you can stay in contact with me at all times? The black case covers it.

    Please reply with reasonable offers or advice; thanks in advance.


    Nov 13, 01:03 PM
    Sort of like Wikipedia's page of requested articles and how long they have been requested for? Sure.

    Apr 7, 02:03 PM

    I'm a UK Style guru

    I work at Primark. Rarely shop there though.

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