Sunday, June 5, 2011

sylvester stallone imagess

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  • rockandrule
    Dec 23, 10:30 PM
    Makes sense to me.

    sylvester stallone imagess. sylvester stallone imagess.
  • sylvester stallone imagess.

  • deadwulfe
    Mar 30, 06:41 PM
    The "right" amount is a bit subjective. WinXP requires 1.5GB of space, but you'll also need room for additional hardware drivers, room for temporary space/virtual memory, and room for games. You'll need to consider how much space your games will need. On my 500GB HDD, I partitioned off 100GB. It's not nearly enough for all the games in my library, but it allows me to have several of them installed while running Win 7.

    However, I don't think there's a right answer that anyone other than you can provide. Also, read the Bootcamp message and make sure it supports WinXP. I know the 2011 MBPs do not.

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  • cypher
    Mar 8, 06:44 PM
    Found a great review on the Wack-o-phone... Dsafari%26rls%3Den

    Its a german site but used google to translate it so may not be the best grammar but great review.

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  • pilkenton
    May 6, 06:41 PM
    I never had this problem before. I'm in a few forums. A lot of times I took a picture from google images, copied them, then pasted it to the forum using .

    Now when I click copy. My Mac makes that "clunking" sound and won't paste. What's up with that?


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  • olternaut
    Jan 14, 12:32 PM
    That depends on where in the world you live.

    NYC man! ..........thats new york city for those who need help figuring it out. :D

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  • sushi
    Aug 6, 04:17 PM
    i keep looking for the next picture in the series...:P
    Aren't we playing strip poker? ;)

    To bad, iBlue just lost her current hand. Let's see, have to remove something. What could that be? :D

    Sorry e. :eek:


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  • bowens
    Apr 11, 07:37 AM
    Last night I was in Walmart picking up Super Paper Mario and the guy working there says, "So you got one of those Wii things, huh?." I replied, "Yeah, do you have one yet." He says, "No, we can't keep them in stock. We still have people lining up at midnight to get them. Every shipment is sold within 4 hours."

    This is in a very small town. A little ol' redneck town in Florida. This thing is incredible.

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  • Sirobin
    Jul 9, 04:54 AM
    I'll be going to the At&t store in Capitola on Friday morning, around ten (earliest I can get there, unfortunately)


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  • Bartos88
    May 5, 05:58 AM
    Ok thanks for the info guys. I guess the main thing to take away from your info is that hyperthreading would do relatively little for me. This leaves the slightly faster clockspeed (and therefore slightly higher turboboost max) as the deciding factor for the i7.

    I think I'm gonna go with the 3.1 i5, which should be a huge improvement for me seeing as i'm coming from a 2008 macbook with 2GHz C2D en 2GB of ram :P

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  • leekohler
    Mar 1, 02:12 PM
    Holy crap! Welcome back! Where the hell have you been, man? We missed you!

    EDIT- Oh, and thanks for the support. :)


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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 17, 10:34 PM
    If you're a fan of the old command and conquer series, they released Red Alert. It's pretty cool to play on a touch device. Graphics are good too. Gameplay is not as crisp as the original so I'm hoping for a new C&C to come out. It's still worth the $4.99.

    Opps N/M this is a Cydia thread :o my iPad isn't even JB.

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  • jeremy h
    Jul 22, 12:12 PM
    Have they checked that they are not just props left by the Doctor Who production team?

    Ha ha - very good. At least it wasn't the Spinal Tap one...

    As for Time Team - did they find an actual full henge? (Well all the post holes)? I can't remember either... (I thought it was the local work camp and an explanation of the ritual landscape?)


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  • CrockAlley
    Apr 16, 07:18 AM
    My new display has a Mini DisplayPort, but my computer has a DVI connection. I didn't read the tech specs closely and now I have a display that can't connect to my computer. I've read about the Atlona dual link converter, but I've heard that will only work if my graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 2600) supports the resolutions that are available with the display. (I made a mistake in the subject line - my mac pro is early-2008.)

    What resolutions does the 27" have, such that I may check that against my current graphic card?

    I'm also thinking about just buying a new graphics card. What graphics card will both work with my computer and with the 27" display?

    (The page for the ATI Radeon HD 5770 ( at the Apple Store says mid-2010, but my Mac is early-2008. Additionally, my System Profiler says I have PCIe, whereas the previously-mentioned card need PCI Express 2.0. Are these incompatible?)

    I'm a but stupid about these things, so thanks for any help.

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  • dqpassat
    Apr 16, 11:52 PM
    I have a Monoprice adapter that DID NOT carry audio, just video to my TV from my i5 2.4 MBP. You have the same generation MBP, albeit a 2.53, so your mac has that ability.

    I ended up picking this adapter from Amazon:
    This one will carry audio & video. Works perfectly and looks pretty cool too. Not as cheap as monoprice, but does the job.


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  • Sylvester Stallone - Pictures

  • TinyTears
    Apr 28, 11:59 AM
    Skype surely?

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  • Sirolway
    Mar 16, 03:07 AM
    Forget WiFi & use HomePlug networking. The Devolo plugs seem particularly reliable.
    I try wirelessly streaming music to an airport express in the next room & it's not a good experience. All my HomePlug networking works flawlessly & fast - no problem at all.

    I have my iTunes library file on my laptop, but all the music on a firewire 800 drive on a Mac mini at the other end of the house. HomePlug gets it from mini to MBP with no lag at all


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  • dornoforpyros
    Aug 18, 04:25 PM
    Hey Folks.
    So today my boss mentioned that it would be really nice to use babel fish to translate our entire website much like what is being done here:
    with the babelfish box on the left side.
    This actually isn't a bad idea over all, except when I try running our website ( through babel fish it breaks the DHTML drop down menus, I suspect this has to do with the fact that babelfish sticks the site into a frame but I'm wondering if anyone has or knows of a work around for this??

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  • old-wiz
    May 5, 10:21 AM
    Not to mention resale value should be higher with lion preinstalled.

    Why would that be the case? If you want to sell your computer and you installed lion yourself, why would a computer with lion installed by Apple be worth any more assuming both systems have the same hardware?

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  • damson34
    Sep 21, 08:50 AM
    and people have two legs. Of course it isn't common knowledge, that still doesn't not make it a huge security breach. Obviously Apple thought people could figure it out if they released a security update just for this. Does apple normally wait for just one bug? Usually in security updates it is multiple bugs I think.

    Except you forgot the part where you need to have knowledge of how the hack actually works. The majority of bugs are just not common knowledge or as easy as browsing someone on the same network.

    Jan 10, 12:59 PM
    you know, i was thinking of that video all night. thanks for the link.

    i searched for jefferson y han and found his site with even more amazing stuff in the works:

    Apr 15, 03:37 AM
    That article is rather inaccurate. The Killzone footage was pre-rendered, for one� the graphics of both consoles will not be too terribly different, save on exclusives.

    Nobody knew that at the time that article was written. After E3 05 Sony had everyone believing the PS3's graphics were a bazillion times superior, even IGN and G4.

    Mar 18, 06:49 PM
    well despite the rumours of delays, check this out :)

    a 5pm release thats a whole new ball game :/

    Apr 28, 03:11 AM
    Charge whatever you think someone will pay, but yikes that poster is wrinkled. I guess they weren't stored very well and probably should have been wrapped around a cardboard tube. It takes a long time for vinyl wrinkles to hang out, so for me $1,200 is unrealistic, but good luck to you!

    Sep 1, 09:04 PM
    i have decided to try folding with ubuntu on my macbook. i wanted to share this screen shot with you to see if it looks right to you:

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