Friday, June 3, 2011

terrell owens fotos

terrell owens fotos. Terrell Owens/ Donavan Mcnabb
  • Terrell Owens/ Donavan Mcnabb

  • TodVader
    Dec 4, 01:39 PM
    That's a good thing that the shuffle can be disabled. Idd still like a screen to actually see what I'm listening to.

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  • Terrell Owens Desktop

  • robla64
    May 3, 12:55 PM
    Thanks, I used an intel mac in target mode and it worked great. Now if I could only figure out which version of itunes will run on this imac..... but maybe thats another thread.

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  • Terrell Owens decided to show

  • alph45
    Apr 16, 10:10 AM
    keith is probably right re: dv import, i don't use imovie so i don't know (thus the version history link). There shouldn't be any qualitative difference btwn DV files imported on older / newer machines and the import from tape is in real-time, so an old machine will crank away just as well as anything. The new machine will make a big difference when actually transcoding, editing, and exporting.

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  • job
    Nov 10, 05:17 PM
    Originally posted by eyelikeart
    don't forget sneaking into the Capital in DC or abandoned mental assylums...

    ...without pants... ;) :p


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  • spillproof
    Jun 11, 12:44 PM
    Stop whining and get to making the flexible displays that are better than OLED and whatever the "retinal display" is.

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  • DaBorg
    Feb 20, 02:12 PM
    I'm looking at upgrading my Mac Mini to 8GB of RAM (from 4). I checked out the Apple store (eeek, I know) and it was around $600 CDN for the 8GB of RAM!!!!

    Question, though...based on what I know of the type of RAM in the mini, I can purchase some non-Apple branded RAM form my local computer store for about $100.

    I know Apple is over-priced, but this is insanely over-priced. Am I missing something or risking anything if I go with the non-Apple RAM?

    Specifically, the RAM I'm looking at getting is this one:


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  • Zen0Jin
    May 6, 01:00 PM
    The 6970 came out this year.

    @OP: Yes it will handle decent gaming for about that time, but expect that you may have to play future games at slightly lower setting over the time.

    No, the 6970 is a 2 year old card. It may have come OUT this year.

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  • macOSX-tastic
    Sep 27, 06:23 AM
    hi all,

    i will be going to university tomorrow, and shall be living in a hall of residence with other students.

    i realise that many student nowadays have wireless capable computers, and i wish to purchase an airport express station to have wireless flexibility in my room. is there any way of putting a password or authentication key on the connection so only i and people that i designate will be able to use it?

    any advice much appreciated.



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  • Terrell Owens picture gallery

  • SchneiderMan
    Feb 10, 12:56 AM
    Come on we all know that Apple now sells the iHomeless.

    Bad I know :eek::p

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  • diogodasilva
    May 1, 01:48 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Hello guys,

    I've recently ran into an issue. I need to copy files from an external drive to an IMAC but I need all dates to be preserved. Like creation date, modification date etc...
    Is that possible somehow?

    Thanks a bunch for your help.


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  • Breaking News Terrell Owens

  • benbarsh
    Oct 23, 06:27 PM
    see you all at KOP. Ill be the kid wearing the skinny jeans and thick rimmed glasses, im kind of hard to miss (im a guy BTW). Say your from Macrumors, and we'll talk!

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  • Terrell Owens Goes to Bills

  • RedTomato
    Nov 22, 07:47 AM
    Seems a good idea because of iOS convergence.

    I wouldn't label it just the 'iOS forum' though. Not many people in the street are fully cognisant of iOS. Everyone knows Macs run OSX but the iOS brand is a bit more hidden behind the ranks of iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

    You could label it something like ' iOS - the software that runs your iPod, iPhone, and iPad' then the other forums could become 'iPhone hardware', iPad hardware' etc.


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  • jadekitty24
    Dec 16, 08:05 AM
    When I say I'm broke I mean seriously broke. I just lost my job and am having a tough time finding one. I intend to get a new iBook sometime next year which will come with a wireless card and the newest OS (I'm using 10.2.8) and a bit more ram than I have. To do all these upgrades to my current iBook wouldn't make any sense when I could get a new one for just a bit more. I intend to give this one to my mother for she would only use this on a desk and wouldn't need the wireless. Perhaps if I had the extra money I would upgrade this now and wait for a good deal on a newer model, but circumstances are what they are.

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  • John.B
    Oct 22, 08:51 AM
    Oracle has long dumped Oracle for OSX, so I'm not hopeful that Oracle Java 7 will ever see the light of day on Macs.
    Oracle did no such thing. Were you maybe thinking of Sun? Many years ago?

    No Java - No OpenOffice and a load of other apps on OSX.
    You gotta admit, those are some of the fugliest and un-Mac-like applications out there.


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  • wayne091189
    Oct 17, 11:49 AM
    This is my first post so hello all.

    I went over to today and found a realy good video clip showing you the future of PC in five years time, and thay had some great hardware on show too.

    But the best thing in the video was this great looking OS that was runing on there computers. Man I thought OSX was a good looking OS, but this look's so good. This is a must see.,24195,3403038,00.html

    And if I ever become a rich man I would love to have one of these monitors to work on PLEASE PLEASE.

    terrell owens fotos. Terrell Owens
  • Terrell Owens

  • FutureBlake
    Apr 30, 07:35 AM
    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue while running Windows 7 from boot camp: My internal speakers don't work - but all sounds work perfectly if I plug in a pair of headphones. I've read about a lot of cases where Windows 7 still assumes a pair of headphones have been plugged in with other Macs and that 'jiggling' the headphones resolves the issue, but that's not my problem. Windows 7 reports - correctly - that headphones are NOT plugged in, yet still no sound through my speakers.

    To make it even more frustrating, my speakers were working for the first few boots into Windows 7, but now I can't get a single sound. I've tried reloading all the latest bootcamp drivers, installing other sound drivers (Realtek and Cirrus) with no results. I don't boot into Win 7 often, but it would be nice to have sound. It's these kind of issues that do NOT make me miss the Win experience. :)

    Anyone else with this experience? I can't find anything that reports this problem with other MBAs. I'm running a 13" ultimate, but was curious to see if any other Late 2010 MBA owners were running into the same issue.

    Thanks for sharing any similar experiences!


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  • treynolds
    Nov 16, 02:53 PM
    I'm using Internet Explorer 10, but it's happened with Firefox as well.

    It's a Doubleclick ad.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 24, 09:27 AM
    I encountered those bad things. I did have it working under Vista Ultimate 64-bit last year though. I can't seem to get it to work again.

    oh wow. i'm sorry to hear that. yeah i think i've actually got it to work a couple months ago, but it didn't work all that great

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  • brn2ski00
    Jun 22, 07:30 AM
    does the battery works with ibook g3?

    Not sure, my guess is probably not.

    Mar 25, 12:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    BTW meant to call it "online ordering UK" but my finger slipped on my iPhone can't change it now!!!

    Jan 14, 02:26 PM
    Here is the other link (they are running OSX 10.5.x Leopard

    Apr 24, 12:54 AM
    I knew someone would suggest that... LOL! In user accounts under my name the only thing I see is ituneshelper and some speech thing. But, would ituneshelper prevent my IMac from sleeping, I wonder?



    Jun 29, 02:03 PM
    Arrived at about 7:10AM and was about number 30 out of 40 phones. The line took around 3.5 hours. Not too bad. They were expecting their second shipment this afternoon but it ended up arriving around 11AM. The people at the end of the line were stoked! They were sold out of phones though once the line gets their phones.

    Apr 23, 05:15 PM

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