Sunday, August 22, 2010


In fact, it is often better than real sex acts. Why is this so? Because you and your partner to stay connected emotionally. Then, how? Here are five alternative sex without a relationship you can always do.

Duo masturbation

If one spouse did not used to doing, then the couple can watch the action of the other spouse. Watching the couple took pleasure can make you satisfied. However, if you both can do it, then do it together and reach climax without touching one another.


Oral sex is far more than mere heating. Oral sex could be related to the main menu. No matter who gets or its services, what matters is the pleasure that arises for both of you.

Let your hands and mouth guerrilla

Tired of kissing in a way that mediocre? You can suck a mint, refreshing mouth space, and transmit the freshness of the pair. Kiss her neck, lick her nipples, gently biting her ear, squeezing her butt, do what I can to pamper your mate.

Both hot movies

We can not relate, other things that you and your partner can do is watch a movie together hot. You and your partner will surely equally turbulent time watching it, and there's nothing wrong to steal the technique of the film for future action.

Writing say yuk!

More than just write a romantic poem or a word of tenderness, you can write their own fantasies and read to each other for the pair. Words can arouse sexual desire ... especially those written by the beloved couple. Remain cautious in choosing words to describe what you want, expect, or imagine.

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