Saturday, April 30, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Specs

I wonder what the main reason Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Playbook tablets directly bring to Indonesia shortly after dilncurkan officially in the U.S. and Canada. A bus is specifically designed as a showroom for the latest tablet output RIM visited Jakarta on Monday (4/25/2011) and then, just one day.

Managing Director of RIM's Gregory Wade Southeast Asia in particular came from Singapore just to divulge excellence BlackBerry Playbook. Not in conjunction with the launch but it only shows its reliability.

"Playbook is a multi process, multi-task, ultra thin, enterprise-ready, and professional grade tablets," said Gregory Wade. Tablet berlyara 7 inch dual-core processor has a 1 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM memory, and symmetric multi-processing.

However, the Indonesian people have a little patience because this tablet is not yet available in Indonesia. Playbook is a new BlackBerry launched in Canada and the United States in early April 2011.

"Yes, we're working hard in order to launch as soon as possible," he said when asked about when launching Playbook in Indonesia. However, he stressed that Indonesia is a potential market for RIM.

RIM's new brand-new product is available for the WiFi model with 499 U.S. dollar price per unit for the model with a capacity of 16 GB of memory. Meanwhile, for the capacity of 32 GB for $ 599 dollars and 699 dollars for a model with a capacity of 64 GB of memory.

Gregory Wade BlackBerry Playbook confident enough to compete with other tablets. "Playbook has a sense of community and a strong sense of connection," he said. That's what makes it have optimism Playbook be as successful as the BlackBerry in Indonesia.

"This is so the excess Playbook. Many web out there that use Flash. Playbook offers surfing experience with Flash support is satisfactory," he explained.

Outside about internet access, Playbook also offers synchronization with your BlackBerry smartphone via bluetooth. Although not equipped with direct access to the cellular network, with this connection, the user can open the email and open the data in the cell phone directly on the tablet.

He also had shown that with a bluetooth connection, Playbook also be used to chat on Blackberry Messenger. "All contacts in the Playbook same as the one on the user's BlackBerry smartphone," said Gregory Wade.

Through synchronization, the same BlackBerry smartphone users to find her soulmate. With Playbook support, users can now chat in a larger screen without fear of finger pain of having to squeeze the keypad is too long.

About internet access and synchronization, the Playbook probably meet expectations. Moreover, with the support of the camera front and rear camera which can be used to record HD video, Playbook added fun.

But the matter of content, Playbook apparently still lacking. So far, for local content, the new Compass existing. When asked, Wade did show some e-reader and a book that can be accessed via Kobo, but he did not mention any other local content that can be enjoyed.

Still, for fans of multitasking, Playbook quite satisfactory. With Playbook, users can play games such as Need for Speed ​​while listening to music all at once.

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