Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crystal Harris Lega Sexy Bikini

Crystal Harris alive after out of the Playboy Mansion and void the wife of Hugh Hefner apparently changed quite drastically. Although he admitted not used to living alone, but Crystal is also relieved to be rid of 'confinement' Hefner.

Playboy's 25-year-old girl is actually going to get married right on Saturday (18 / 6) today, but 5 days before suddenly changed his mind and cancel it for several reasons. Because of this, Harris eventually must live alone outside the Playboy Mansion.

"Schedule is very tight at the Playboy Mansion. I must go home at 6 pm every Friday night. Saturday and Sunday only allowed to watch movies. I can not do certain things. In my first year, I went on holiday with my friends. I visited for 4 day to Idaho to visit my brother. and in the second year, when I requested permission to visit friends and family, they do not allow that. I think my world began to be closed, "said Crystal.

"Everything is done with Hef or no way at all," he continued.

Harris also stated that since lifting the foot of the Playboy Mansion earlier this week, he was somewhat accustomed to his new life without servants and bodyguards. "I used to live with servants and bodyguards. Hours my night at 9. Now when I drive at night and have to buy gasoline, it's scary,"

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