Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • redgreen
    08-04 01:38 PM
    If she is on H4, as long as H1 is valid she can continue legally in US. I do not see any reason for her to go back.
    She can file I-485 as a dependent, since she is still the wife of the I-485 primary applicant.

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  • lord_labaku
    11-17 12:04 PM
    Yes. layoffs and labor certs dont mix well. esp. if an american or GC holder worker with the same position as u is laid off.

    It does make sense at a labor cert level...but if u look at this long drawn GC process of 6+ is unfair to the potential immigrant as he is seeking GC for future employment. This is when a point based system like Canada does makes sense....even when economy is down...u continue to immigrate people who are still needed because of their critical skills.

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  • skagitswimmer
    April 6th, 2005, 12:14 PM
    This is a very useful thread!

    Has anyone tried using the multiple mask technique to expand dept of field rather than (or in addition to) dynamic range? Might have to soften the edge of the mask but in principle it should work, using one photo set to near focus and the other to infinity. Obvioiusly a tripod would be essential. For non-manual focus lenses one could toggle the infinity focus on/off.

    EB2 ETA9089\for software developer position- please review [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : EB2 ETA9089\for software developer position- please review

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  • rajuram
    08-20 12:50 AM
    Having been in these forums for years now...I know that IV cannot do much about retrogression until president decides to push for CIR. That may be at least 1 year away, if not more. Recapture of visa numbers is also next to impossible in this economy.

    But somethings that may be worth trying in the interim are -

    1. More flexibility in changing jobs under AC21, to allow career progression. This may not require a legislative fix.

    2. Longer duration AP.

    3. Fee reduction for 2nd & subsequent renewal of EADs and APs.

    4. An apology from USCIS for the delay!!


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  • Munna Bhai
    12-14 10:15 AM
    RFEs these days? Especialy for I140s?

    Yes, too many RFEs and we can expect more very soon because of AC21 usage etc.

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  • anilsal
    08-03 12:49 AM
    Very well said. We need legislation and for that to happen, grass roots efforts from IV to end this retrogression.

    Now get back to becoming a contributing member plus supporting IV efforts by opening/joining your state chapter and meeting local law makers.


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  • indigokiwi
    04-17 12:50 PM

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  • legal_la
    07-12 12:11 PM
    I think it is true that once you are counted in the cap you will not be counted again. so you can switch back and forth H4 and H1 without being counted in the quota.


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  • Munna Bhai
    07-12 07:51 AM

    Myself and my spouse are on H1b. I am on H1b(industry) and my Spouse H1b is through non-profit.

    Please let us know how best we can be a backup for each other in case of any unavoidable circumstances.

    a)If I get laid-off or fired, can I jump to H4 and then come back to H1b without being subjected to cap?

    b)What are the other backup plans we can have.

    thanks for your time.


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  • kartikiran
    07-31 02:12 PM
    u guyz r funny.
    Six flags can make lot of money by basing a dangerous and wild ride based on VB dates Graph. :)
    They will have to put just one warning.
    "Beware: Once you start the ride....
    Only luckiest of you will be able to get out safely.
    Most of you will be on this ride which has an endless loop.
    Only real option for people who would like to end the ride would be to jump from the ride. We are certain there will damages but we are not responsible for them.

    And yes we intentionally put this warning after the start of ride. Otherwise you wouldn't have decided to ride on it.


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  • shirish
    10-11 11:07 AM
    Don't worry abt the receipt date on the transfer notice. It is the date on which yor app was entered in the system, Your RN for 485 (which you have not received yet) will have the july 26th as RD and would have sept 26th as ND

    Hi Friends,

    We had sent our apps to Nebraska on July 26 but we received a transfer notice for 485 from vermont with a receipt date of Sept 26 and notice date of Oct 3.

    I always thought the receipt date of my application is the day when our application reached the center.

    Can someone help explaining this....


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  • uniqueuser
    04-03 07:47 PM
    Today at Boeing interview event I got very good offer. The HR lady congratulated me, kept offer letter in my hand. Then I told her that I'm an EAD holder. All my fear came true, and she said a big sorry and said EAD is not acceptable at any cost. Also she said, she can keep the offer in hold for me for 5 months. How can I expect green card in hand in 5 months. GOD don't give this situation to any one. just trying to reduce my pain here...


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  • Ψ
    06-06 11:48 AM
    dude u are exactly ite blue mean good and red means evil.........

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  • Bhaskar_80
    06-10 04:16 PM
    Mr. gnutin,

    I really appreciate your help on this regard.

    Thanks a lot!


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  • Gravitation
    06-22 10:01 AM
    There are not enough numbers in the house to pass CIR. It may be pushed in Senate for political reasons and may pass easily, but there's no such hope -whatsoever- in the House.
    If CIR is to ever pass, 2009 is the best year.

    So, there's no hope of passing in what could the best possible year for CIR! Am I the only one to whom it all sounds very ominous?

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  • gchopefull
    10-02 04:14 PM
    at TSC


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  • Mount Soche
    12-18 01:31 PM
    Yes, yes, yes you can invest in stocks etc.
    You don't need need anything from the INS.
    I invest with Scottrade too, as do many of us on this forum.

    Hello i am new to this forum, i am looking for some answers involving stock trading? My question is: Can i invest in stocks, mutual fund, etc. while having only a EAD(work Permit)? Do i need get permission from IRS? What do i need to do invest legally? I was thinking of investing with Scottrader.

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.

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  • rb_248
    11-17 02:27 PM
    My company is layingoff people. We have been through 5 rounds of layoffs. They have asked all the H1Bs to hold off until about 6 months after the final layoff is over. They have issued written memos to all my cols in H1B stating this reason. Truly unfortunate.

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  • kumar1
    03-03 11:14 AM
    Thank you Desi!
    Man, that is one heck of confusing language, I am still trying to understand it.

    Quick question -- Can PD be transferred from EB category to FB category? In other words - can a person having approved I-140 under EB category take that PD to a family based Green Card? Thanks in advance.

    11-14 05:55 PM
    My RIR is rejected. My LC is still pending.
    My lawyer says it is moved to TR queue

    If My case is moved to TR queue, does it mean very significant delay in getting my LC? Because in such a case this is my breaking point.Ready to quit and give up after these years and years if pain

    11-10 01:52 PM
    Anyone came across this scenario...

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