Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life of Bollywood and Hollywood Actresses

Every little child dreams of becoming an actress at least once in her childhood. For some it is just a passing fancy, for others it is a bit more serious. Out of the thousands that are serious about taking it up as a profession, only a few make it big in the film industries across the world, most do not and have to lead their life doing either theater or low grade movies. Even those that make it big in the industry have to struggle a lot during the starting years. All have to wait for that one big break, that one hit movie that can propel them to stardom. Till that movie comes across it is struggle for everyone.

There are acting schools which teach the art of acting as far as the industry is concerned talent has very little to do with making it big in most cases. However one thing that is sure is that once you make it in the industry, there is no stopping you.

The level of exposure is different for actresses of the different industries. However all the people that know an actress idolize her! It is important for an actress to maintain a certain standard of public life for people to follow. The media plays a very important role in the life of any actress. Since every aspect of stardom is dependent on being popular with the people, the media can make life great for an actress or in some cases make it scandalous. It is therefore important to take care what she does and how she makes her moves when she is in front of public eyes.

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