Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dian Sastro Sexy With Beautiful Bikini

Got a pretty face, the artist Dian Sastrowardoyo admitted if she could be like this because it was inspired by others. sHe also wished his efforts could also become an inspiration to other women.

"I make myself like it now because it was inspired by people if I can also inspire people," she said then smiled when found in the East Parking Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (18 / 6) afternoon.

Sutowo Indraguna wife was also going to open a secret about her beauty. According to him, what happened is the motivation of those around him.

"All that it includes a gradual build beauty from inner beauty, not all at once. There must be motivated yourself, friends, and the environment should also support," she said.

"Because I think if you want to pretty it must be love impact to people, it must be pretty inspiring,"

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