Thursday, June 9, 2011

12 Mirage About Pornography

In a seminar on the impact of pornography on brain damage in Jakarta, neurosurgeon from the Hospital San Antonio, United States, Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD says that addiction (addiction), resulting in the front center of the brain called the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) is physically smaller.

"Pornography causes constant changes in neorotransmiter and weakens the control function. This makes the people who are addicted can not control their behavior, "said Hilton as well as add addiction pornography also cause memory impairment. The condition is, does not happen quickly in a short time but through several stages of addiction that is characterized by impulsive actions, ekskalasi addiction, desensitization and eventually decrease the behavior.

"And the damage to the brain due to addiction to pornography is the most severe, more severe than addiction to cocaine,"

12 mirage of pornography who already accidentally created by our brains:

1. Pornography to feed on the "lust of the eyes" and "lust of the flesh" that will never be satisfied. Pornography will only make the 'audience' request add, add, and added again.

With easy, pornography enslave people will lust and open the door to all kinds of crimes such as anger, torture, violence, bitterness, lies, jealousy, coercion, and selfishness. Hidden power behind pornography will show itself at the time of people who are already involved in trying to stop the habit. Without help, usually people that are powerless to escape.

2. Pornography makes people's minds become filled with sex alone. Thoughts of sex will master their subconscious. Figure smelled of sex will be attached to their brains, so that when someone decides to stop looking at pornography all, the pictures he had seen in the past will persist until a few years even forever.

3. Pornography becomes a promotional event of a deviant sexual practice. For example, porn sites internet porn site bias to connect with a more progressive like homosexuals, child pornography, sex with animals, rape, sex with violence and others.

This will make certain people are mentally disturbed and challenged to try. Thus, many are increasingly deviant sexual behavior in society.

4. Pornography makes someone triggered to prefer self-serving than others. Masturbation / masturbation is an example. This is the act of fulfilling a personal passion that can make a person difficult to accept and love the truth membari others. Pornography usually makes people addicted to masturbation / masturbation.

5. Pornography will bring someone to the use of time and money very badly. There is little free time or more money, will be spent to satisfy desires.

6. With often see porn site or buy the movie / porn magazines, people are supporting the development of the pornography industry that is usually run by "organized crime" that raise money in a way forbidden.

7. Accustomed to viewing pornography would harm relations with the environment that person, in this case the family or the people closest.

In dating relationships, relationships that develop into unhealthy. The people involved will blame her lover pornography on the sexual acts they do. Though there were problems in his own person, and her partner is the 'victim'. In couples who have married, this will lead to sexual dissatisfaction and sexual practices that deviate so that it points toward family disharmony, even divorce.

8. In many cases, pornography makes a person lose his power. Who had been active and creative can be no focus on the job.

9. Pornography can ruin a sexual relationship with a partner because it used to imagine anyone else in a sexual relationship.

Imagination is one of the effects of pornography is very strong. Values ​​and sexual purity actually be damaged.

10. Viewing pornography will make a person lie.

People who are bound pornography habit will keep this a secret, so he lied to hide his embarrassment and avoid criticism of their environment. Wherever he goes, he will tend to wear 'masks'.

11. Pornography will bring someone in serious spiritual consequences.

The pressure and confusion will fill his life. Pornography brings evil forces which will control and dominate the audience. Once someone sees pornography, it will take him deeper and deeper. The correct moral values ​​the longer makn faded, causing a confusing double standard.

12. Pornography would make one believe all the lies offered by pornography itself.

Example lie offered are:
a. Sexual freedom = kebahagiaan
b. Sexual deviation = normal
c. Whenever wreak sexual needs = it is right and fair
d. Every day masturbation = healthy
e. Pornography does not hurt anybody =
f. Porn star = the happiest person in the world
g. etc..

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