Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • macgeek18
    Dec 29, 04:59 PM
    These as well...

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  • iHerzeleid
    Jul 3, 03:16 PM
    Apple replaced the MBP with a new 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro.

    Thanks for your interest though. :)

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  • missmatched
    Apr 24, 10:12 AM
    Hi there,

    I am trying to transfer my mum and dads VHSC tapes to my mac to then edit and burn onto dvd. I have the camcorder still however the only outputs in the camera are edit, audio (white), RF DC OUT, and Video (yellow). I do also have the video adapter where you put the VHSC tapes into and play it in a VHS player. However the tv/video combo I have only has one scart and aerial output and is the vhs player I have. I do also have a mini DV camcorder with the DV output to firewire cable. Is there anyway I can hook any of these devices with another tv or straight to laptop without spending anymore money please, as I am a student and cant avoid anymore equipment. Any help and guidance appreciated, if you need anymore info please let me know.

    Amy :)

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  • kbfr08
    Apr 27, 05:19 AM
    Did/Does it have the same done case with the metal arm, or are we talking something completely different?

    It's in the retail case, it's a DVT prototype so it's probably close to being finished.


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  • MovieCutter
    Oct 31, 04:57 PM

    800 movies (300 Blu Ray), 90 TV series. Physical media in storage for backup.

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  • Shaan
    Jun 10, 05:19 PM
    What time do you guys think people will start to line up to buy the new iPhone 3G S, I know it Apple Stores will open their doors at 8 am on Friday, June 19th. This thread is for Apple Stores only, not AT&T. Post what time you think the first people will show up.

    Another question I had: At 8 am will Apple sell the iPhone 3G S at all price points, meaning people qualified for the subsidized rate can buy it, this I know is true, but will people paying the 399/499 be able to buy it, as well as the people who want to buy the no-commit at 599/699? I plan on buying the phone at the no-commit price so I want to make sure I don't get there and they say they are only selling to people who are upgrading or new 2 year contracts.



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  • darkwing
    Dec 21, 08:18 AM
    Recently I've been having major problems with my Airport (PowerBook G4) -- a lot of stalls and stops when opening even the most basic webpages, can't download new software (although I did manage to download the latest airport update) -- it's almost as if I'm on dial-up. It's always run a bit slow, but lately it's just been unacceptable. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my provider. Does anyone here have any idea why this is happening?

    My airport sucks, too. I noticed that when I ping -f it, I get about 27% packet loss consistently (this is pinging it from the wired network). I get 0% pinging my router or any other machine in the house. I've tried different network jacks but it's always the same with the airport. My signal strength is good, and I can regularly ping things. It's just I drop packets between the airport and the main router. It sucks.

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  • a1rflow
    Mar 31, 02:00 PM
    I also have a pair. They're a perfect complement to my iPhone when used with the headset.

    About the bass response, I've found that getting a great, punchy, and tight kick sound depends mainly on the fitting of the earbuds. Achieving an air-tight seal is critical for this.

    All in all a great pair of earbuds!


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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 15, 06:16 PM
    I thought that, at some point when AE and BT became standard features, there stopped being a "card" that was removable from the computer.... I don't think current iBooks or PBs even *have* externally accessible wireless cards. But I could be wrong about that.

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  • dragon13
    May 7, 03:47 AM
    A friend of mine was in a similar situation. He ended up getting a base 15" MBP and got the optibay. He's a professional photographer and said he needed the space (both hd and screen). He loves his setup.

    They did have the hi-res antiglare in stock, but not all stores do

    Personally though- if you're just using aperture and final cut express a bit, and don't mind an external- I'd say wait for the 13" MBA to get updated.

    They're amazing, especially if you're gonna be traveling a lot.


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  • jrohlman88
    May 6, 10:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_8 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E401 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Yep! Don't rely on the Best Buy web site. I called around and they had the new iMac's in stock and on sale! Just picked mine up.

    On sale by how much?

    They were on sale for about $100 less than normal. Not much but hey, that's one less payment I have to make

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  • fcortese
    Oct 25, 08:57 AM
    Saw a similar pumpkin carved set up and he termed his the iPumpkin. Nice job they do look cool all lit up.


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  • uknick
    Mar 25, 07:28 AM
    Hey uknick, firstly welcome to MacRumors ;)

    Yeah, I'm going to wait and order mine. I'm not rushing in to it. I'll order mine online also, unless I have good reason to pop in to town and buy the iPad2 from the local Bristol store. I'm still wondering if I really need it or not. Still deciding, but temptation is strong! :rolleyes:

    Come on Will - you know you want one!! Just give into the inevitable....

    I bought the first gen a year ago and never regretted it ( sold it on eBay before the new one was announced :-)) it is by far the best gadget I have ever owned and believe me I have tried many! I even had a brief flirtation with a Galaxy Tab over recent weeks - but it only took me a few days before I gave up and stuck it back on eBay! Once you have tasted Apple other fruits taste just bland ;-)

    I can't wait to get the new one particularly for AirPlay with my Apple TV.

    I would be going to Bristol if I wasn't working today. Hope that there might be one with my name on somewhere in London.

    One last small point - can you veleive that Orange block this site on my iPhone because they say it is "adult content" that really annoys me - it wouldn't happen on my 3 SIM used in my iPad!

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  • jamper
    May 4, 04:57 PM
    I had this when i got an imac a few weeks back... it's your desk. seriously!

    Have a look at my previous threads and you'll find the details of the post and how i fixed it.

    edit...... => this post...

    Picked up a new 2011 iMac today and had the same thing, isolate the imac from the desk and it will go.
    I had 2x 21,5" on the same desk, at the same spot and none of them made the noise. Just this one, the 3rd 21,5"

    Edit: the first 2 imacs were the low 21,5". The 3rd is the high end 21,5". The hdd is different on my 3rd imac(1TB)
    I read the thread you linked and i agree that it must be something related with the hdd


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  • awmazz
    Aug 25, 03:23 PM
    Can anyone say Florida and hanging chads?

    Nah, it's just like your Congress being split 215 apiece after a straightforward election count with 5 Independents from rural Minnesota and Wyoming suddenly in the position to demand pork barrelling to the max to negotiate which of the two big parties will actually control the House and run the govt. Internet broadband to Woop Woop! Ban Filipino banana imports! Roads to Alaska! They're basically sitting on Santa's knee with their long lists of wishes for their constituents which the two big Parties will outdo each other to grant (thereby guaranteeing these Independents will get relected next time as well), which the rest of us common schmucks will have to pay for now...

    And seeing as our nation's leader is the leader of the party controlling the House of Representatives, we don't gots no Prime Minister at the moment until they do pork barrel these Independents to get their support. The place seems to be running just fine so far this week without one. ;)

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  • Michael8510
    Feb 24, 11:39 AM had an article detailing how the trackpad vendor may have changed, and that the newer (1.5ghz +) PBs have slower trackpads, even when cranked up to the fastest setting.

    I myself can notice the difference between the newer PBs and my old sony vaio trackpad. (The PB is much slower than I'd like).


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  • webznz
    Apr 18, 05:12 PM
    Hi im getting this error,UIApplication may not respond to '+mainWindow' with my action sheet , but im not really sure why. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    #import "cookieTestAppDelegate.h"

    @implementation cookieTestAppDelegate

    @synthesize window;

    #pragma mark -
    #pragma mark Application lifecycle

    - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {

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  • iphoner2010
    Jun 19, 08:50 PM
    I doubt it. Anna at the store said that they had like tons of extras. At 930 there were still stacks of phones on the genius bar:apple:

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  • techpr
    May 7, 03:58 AM
    I honestly don't remember what website this popped up on, but Safari started downloading this MacSecurity.mpkg and it ran instantly and bypassed inputting my password? I couldn't really stop it

    has anyone gotten this before? it took me to some webpage but I closed it

    It said something about me being infected?

    Am I going crazy? I didn't click anything(maybe by accident?) and yet this thing popped up, gave me a file and ran the installer without me being able to stop it lol wtf

    can someone please explain, I think I'm missing something

    After reading this post do this:

    Go to Safari -> Safari Preferences (Command + ,)
    Remove the checkmark from: Open safe files after downloading

    May 5, 05:11 PM
    Err sorry but um, what leads you to believe there is a problem with the thermal paste? Heat? Macs get pretty hot, download a fan controller.

    Apr 22, 02:24 AM
    HI everyone, First I want to thanks all the help in here to solve my previous problem:)! It mains a lot to me!;)

    Now, I would like to use the preivous program to build a static library and try to test it.

    When I finish build the library and apply it for test, there are run times error occured:

    1>fortest.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall login::find(void)" (?find@login@@QAEXXZ) referenced in function _main

    There are four of them and I know they are the same things.

    I do not know how to fix them....:(

    The code:

    The header file is :

    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>

    class login
    void setuser();

    void write();

    void read();

    void find();

    char inputusername[99];

    The code file is :

    void find()

    ifstream file;"file.txt");

    string input=inputusername;
    string input_line;
    bool found = false;

    while( file >> input_line ) {

    Apr 7, 06:53 AM
    Hi guys,

    I unfortunately am unable to press the option key while starting up as its locked and I was wondering whether theres anyway of allowing the disk to be ejected (after the windows installation) from windows without having to switch back to mac?

    Thanks :)

    Mar 12, 10:34 PM
    Hey Guys,

    For sale is my backup 8GB iPhone. It is currently unlocked for use with any GSM carrier. As you can see from the pics, it has a crack up top and a small one on the bottom right corner. This is purely cosmetic and has no affect on the phone whatsoever. Touch sensitivity works fine anywhere on the screen as well as the phone feature/speakers. This iPhone is perfectly functioning!

    Take a look at the pics and ask any questions in the thread!

    I am taking offers!

    Mar 27, 05:41 PM
    i wanted to make one so i could try the 60+ content for a bit.

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