Thursday, June 2, 2011

chelsea clinton wedding gown

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  • agreenster
    Jun 16, 12:06 PM
    Goshen, Huh??

    Im from Fort Wayne! :)

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  • matthew24
    Sep 26, 10:52 AM
    We share your feelings. Congratulations.:) :D ;) :cool:

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  • Demosthenes X
    Apr 6, 04:47 PM
    The iLock isn't the worst idea I've ever heard of, actually... proximity keys exist for cars, why not homes? There would be some obstacles to overcome, obviously, but it's not a terrible idea in principle...

    iBox is my favourite spoof, I think. :D

    And as long as we're posting spoofs... this ( deserves a nod. An oldie, but a goodie.

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  • msb3079
    Apr 10, 03:32 PM
    Using the Incase snap smoke ... but only about twice per month when I'm doing something outside (at a game, hiking, etc)

    Otherwise, I'm anti-case, pro-taking care of your belongings.


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  • Supersonic
    Apr 27, 03:10 AM
    Did/Does it have the same done case with the metal arm, or are we talking something completely different?

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  • Gurutech
    Mar 27, 05:05 PM
    what's the point of playing mmorpg on emulated server?
    It's highly unlikely that you will get updated fast enough. Also it's highly unreliable.
    Also, there is very high possibility of unfairness.


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  • bousozoku
    Jan 1, 09:06 PM
    I'm my favourite Mac application developer. :D

    Otherwise, I'd have to say Ryan Gordon, Brad Oliver, or The Mozilla Group. They're the best.

    I use a lot of applications but I can't say that any of them work particularly well on Mac OS X still. Macromedia and Adobe need to forget their past and make things work.

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  • Chrisiphone
    Feb 7, 01:27 PM
    I was going to help you until I read that line.

    Instead, all you'll get from me is this comment, and a stiff suggestion that you use this tool (, like everyone else has for years. I'm confident even you could have found an answer if you tried.

    Its gone sorry didn't know it was a bad thing to say.......


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  • sparkleytone
    Jul 12, 03:04 PM
    Originally posted by bwawn
    cd /
    sudo rm -rf "System Folder"

    Exactly like that, quotes and everything. You will be prompted for a password after entering the last line.

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  • Chelsea Clinton#39;s Wedding

  • Kingsly
    Jan 4, 11:59 PM
    Have we decided on a location?


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  • wPod
    Jan 10, 11:18 AM
    a cool key combo i accadentially discovered not to long ago is the command + ~ this will cycle through the open windows of the current program. so if you have 3 windows in safari open it will only cycle through them and not go to another program.

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  • SoarEyes
    Nov 4, 05:55 PM
    Interestingly the new Tiger build has a Colorsync profile that removes the pink tint (clean install).

    Where did you find out about this? any links?



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  • Heilage
    Mar 17, 04:28 PM
    Actually, it would be, "I stills gots me nine mores," because 3 others are also estranged.

    I also think he refuses to acknowledge that the "estranged" exist, if I remember the Louis Theroux documentary correctly.

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  • AdeFowler
    Oct 20, 06:00 AM
    Stunning... no other word for it. But is it the right typeface?


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  • dobbin
    Oct 17, 04:32 AM
    This is indeed a well known issue with cubes. Some people were affected immediately, and others only after a period of time like you.

    My cube has a 'seizure' about once every 4 months and it will do this for an hour or two and then correct itself and be fine again.

    There have been numerous causes and solutions suggested and it appears that different things work for different machines.

    The usual cause is the proximity switch - the touch sensitive one on top of the cube. Most people report that the switching on and off is caused by a badly fitting or loose gasket around this switch inside the cube.

    Some people say that making sure this gasket is seated firmly will cure the problem, and others have had this replaced (for free) by Apple.

    I have never found this to be the case with mine, it just seems to have a mind of its own, for short spells every now and again.

    Some people have also reported that this happens on hot days or when the air-con is swithed off. I've not noticed this (as I live in the UK it never gets hot!).

    There have been hundreds of discussions on this topic since the cube was introduced and you can probably find some useful info on the web.

    I'm not sure why Apple have not provided more help on this topic given what a widespread issue it was/is, but I just searched Google for "Apple Cube Switch problem" and it came back with a lot of links. Bear in mind that the solution for one cube may not help yours! I guess this is the price we have to pay for having the coolest computer the world has ever seen :D


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  • dalvin200
    Jan 14, 01:27 PM

    lets hope apple's servers can take the load!


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  • gnasher729
    May 7, 03:03 AM
    One thing that bugs me about the illegal tethering situation:

    If AT&T knows who is illegally tethering, why do they allow it to happen? Why not simply prevent tethering packets from reaching the Internet?

    AT&T obviously can differentiate between data to the YouTube app and data through MyWi because they meter legal tethering to 4Gb limit.

    Is it just a big tease? And why not simply back charge everyone who used MyWi/PdaNet in the past?

    When I talked to the AT&T rep, she said I had tethered illegally. But she could not tell me the specific times I had tethered. Lame.

    AT&T would want a "solution" that is legal and makes them money. The best outcome for them if someone is tethering without permission is to telll the person, who then changes to a plan that allows tethering, paying money every month. If it works that way, perfect for AT&T: It is legal, and it makes money.

    Backcharging would be a _huge_ legal problem. There is no contract that allows them to charge for tethering. They would have to take people to court. Which is expensive and really pisses them off, so they wouldn't be customers in the future. AT&T would rather you pay for phone and tethering for the next ten years, rather than backcharging you for the last year and losing you.

    Preventing tethering is difficult as well. Right now they might know enough to send you a letter, and if you get one of those without ever having tethered you just tell them. Their recognition doesn't need to be perfect. If they try to cut tethering off, they have to be one hundred percent sure (not 99.999% sure) that they don't cut off anything that isn't tethering. Again, they will lose customers otherwise. And of course they don't make money doing this.

    When you called it "lame" that the rep didn't know any exact times: Why would they? First step is identifying customers who are likely tethering and sending them a letter. You either sign up to tethering or you don't. If you don't, they can then watch your connection a lot, lot more closely. That is the point where it costs them money, and if you are tethering, it may cost you money. Your legal position has become a lot worse if you lied to them about not tethering and they can prove it, because then it isn't breach of contract anymore, it is suddenly fraud. A real crime.

    Because they are using the illegal tethering issue to force people off grandfathered unlimited data plans. And to collect the legal tethering fees. You just put a block on there and they've got no leverage.

    Depends on how hard they try. So if AT&T asks you (politely) to sign up for tethering, what can you do? You can say "Oh, I didn't know that wasn't allowed, sign me up". Good for AT&T. You can say "Oh, I didn't know that wasn't allowed, I'll stop tethering". Kind of good for AT&T. You can say "I've never tethered", and if that is the truth, nothing they can do. You can say "I'm tethering, but I'm not going to pay" and they can cancel your contract for cause, which is likely bad for you. You can lie "I've never tethered" in which case you may be in _real_ trouble if they follow it up and can prove you are tethering.

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  • Amerabian
    May 5, 05:53 PM
    Keep both and buy yourself an iPhone 4 to complete the set.

    Go to a modern furniture store and get a small home office set.

    Enjoy life! :D

    chelsea clinton wedding gown. chelsea clinton wedding dress
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  • gusyouout
    Apr 7, 05:35 PM
    I like. Since I've got the Speck PixelSkin HD right now I wouldn't mind if it's bulky. If the kickstand is removable and the price is reasonable I'd get one. Really feeling the black/red colorway.

    Apr 26, 09:38 AM
    I'm sorry about that. It is fixed now.

    Apr 30, 08:36 AM
    But we can't buy it, yet, at Stonebriar. Correct?

    Any idea how many they have in stock?

    We can buy it at 5pm.

    I don't know how many they have i talked to them yesterday and they hadn't even got them yet. I know several other people who are comming at 11:00am to wait but i thought i would get ere first. I will update when i find out any information.

    Apr 27, 04:33 PM
    They both sound way too expensive for the specs involved. You should be able to find a DP 2.0ghz Powermac G5 for around $200-250 these days. An iMac G4 should not sell for over $100 imo, unless its the rare 20" model.

    If you are short on cash but still want some power, look towards the higher end Powermac G4's. A DP 1.25 or 1.4ghz powermac will outperform the SP Powermac G5, and can usually be had for about $150.

    Aug 19, 12:39 PM
    Geez, I missed this one. Niiiice. :)

    Dec 20, 08:55 PM
    anyone hear of this before.... cool, but will this finally be the answer to my question, "can i hook up my ipod to my car"
    How is this differnt then this,

    ****(I updated the link...should work now...)****

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