Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • Shelll
    Apr 29, 10:20 AM
    Very simple mac is great for music if you have a lot of cds and rip them with apple lossless to iTunes.

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  • dscuber9000
    May 25, 07:55 PM
    Almost five years late, my friend. :D

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  • macingman
    Apr 9, 01:57 AM
    Thanks everyone. I bought the case with the intention of taking it with me when I go jogging, sport training, to the beach and other places where their is a risk of damaging the phone so it sounds like the otter box is ideal for me.

    I don't mind if it makes it a little thicker. My iPhone 4 has it's own pocket so I probably won't notice a difference.

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  • spoon man
    Dec 25, 02:07 AM
    These have kept me warm other this month with all the snow :) .


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  • ravenvii
    Apr 1, 07:58 PM
    And yet another one.

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  • MacCoaster
    Nov 5, 12:13 AM
    A simple solution to running a console app in the background would be to use GNU screen.

    Install darwinports (make sure you update .profile to include $PATH:/opt/local/bin and stuff like that) and simply do `sudo port install screen', then

    screen command-line-app

    and simply close the window. if you want to check on it later, simply type in `screen -r'.

    Ctrl-C while in the session to kill it. Useful for other things like irssi, compiling things in the background that will take a while, etc.


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  • Jasonbot
    Apr 16, 12:33 PM
    Mine is Bliks3m, just Bliksem with a 3 to be "1337" It's basically a slang word in afrikaans

    bliksem - strike, hit, punch, also used as an expression of surprise/emphasis (rude, considered by many to be profanity) Derives from the ancient Germanic god Blitzen "lightning" and is used together with "donner". Is used as a curse in Afrikaans "Jou bliksem!"

    Just getting some creativity working...

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  • Dreadnought
    Mar 27, 04:40 PM
    There were only two or three simulations worth 1700 points and they're not PS3 WUs. A C2D can handle one of the big mothers in a little over a day. The PS3 is currenlty chomping on some ~300 pt WUs that take between 6-8 hours to wrap up.My C2D at work is taking 25 hours for a WU that is only worth 186, this is per core. So the PS3 is way more powerfull, but what do you want with 7 cores, each 3.2 GHZ and working together on one WU.


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  • saabmp3
    Jul 6, 10:06 PM
    Originally posted by robotrenegade
    OH MY GOD!!!! OK this only took 2 days to figure out.

    My cable company (ssshhh Adelphia) does this thing called *Hardware Capture* which means the first computer to use the IP address in the only one that can. It saves the hardware code from your computer so it knows when it should and shouldn't ping it. Well i found this out and this is what i did.

    1: I told them that I wanted to change my main computer to another, when I did that I hooked it up to the airport. And everything worked.

    That hardware code that your talking about is the MAC address which is a method of regulating which computers are allowed to connect to their cable modem. As somebody else said, I'm surprised they let you switch it to a router, what you usually have to do is change the MAC address on the basestation to the address of what you had hooked up orginally.


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  • Coded-Dude
    Mar 29, 10:39 AM
    As stated: Syphon Filter is excellent, but other than that I would recommend the following...

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
    (if you have the Japanese gps, I'm pretty sure you can unlock characters while you travel from WiFi hotspot to hotspot)
    Field Commander(if you don't feel like buying/bringing a DS for Advance Wars)
    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    Family Guy is fun on the portable, but I don't know if it has the replay value you are looking for.
    .....and of course ANY of the Grand Theft Auto's have plenty of challenges to keep you gaming for a while.

    Cheers and have fun.

    If you want classics: Mega Man, Gradius, Street Fighter, Metal Slug, etc.


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  • SmilesLots
    Apr 14, 03:44 PM
    Seems that Safari or network is about 10% what it used to be in speed. I recently add the MacUpdate Spring Promo package, and seems some of the programs are POC. Not sure if this is part of the problem because the slowdown happened beore that install I think.

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  • skiltrip
    Apr 25, 09:44 PM
    Hey, I have a few questions regarding recording interface and mics. All I want to be able to record is my guitar and voice at the same time and also separately. This is what I am looking at getting and I was just wondering on your opinions.

    For an interface, this is what I am looking at.

    For mics, this is what I am looking at.


    Both m-audio interfaces and MXL mics are good choices for the beginning recordist. I think you're off to a pretty good start. What DAW software do you want to run with it?


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  • SimonGarlick
    Jan 10, 06:23 PM
    Hi, I've long been a user of Extensis Suitcase Fusion but found it to be problematic, and buggy - upon startup font sets that are supposed to be active are de-activated, halts shutdown as the App won't quit and has to be forced quit in order to continue shutdown etc.

    Just wondered if anyone had any font management recommendations? I've never really tried the Mac OS native Font Book, so does anyone know if that's worth a look or if there's any other good third party options?

    Thanks for any help.


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  • greystone60
    Jan 6, 06:57 PM
    I used to be a professional musician and recently decided to get back into doing some demo tracks. I have an fully loaded MacBook Pro with Garage Band. I took the GarageBand course, bought a little M-Audio Keyboard and procuced two original tunes; great! Now however, I want to go a bit further so I went into B&H Electronics in NYC and bought the Tascam (model above). The sales person told me that I would be able to plug my Yamaha and Kruzweil keyboards into the unit and that the voices from these instruments could be recorded into GarageBand. Same with the microphone and my harmonic decoder. So far, the only thing I have bee able to do is record my Ovation Guitar. I cannot get the device to recognize my keyboards or my microphone. I am ready to return it. Does anyone out there have any experience on how to make this device work?

    Thank you for your responses.


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  • Dwalls90
    Apr 12, 08:37 PM
    Running 10.7 DP2. iTunes runs fine, until I plug in my iPhone, at which point iTunes beach balls uncontrollably.

    Didn't have this problem before, this randomly started ... help?

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  • kellen
    Jun 22, 08:01 AM


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  • drastik
    Jul 24, 08:38 AM
    Originally posted by Geert
    yesterday while browsing the forums I got kicked out.

    Arn, am I a registered user?
    'cause during MW forums were only for registered users and I could not get on.

    I couldn't get on during MW either, I know I don't have the most posts around here, but I'm around a lot and I though a few hundred would make me a registered user?;)

    Oh, well, probably just overload.

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  • Mystic385
    Jul 29, 04:26 PM
    Nope. It appears their are none available.

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  • bowens
    Apr 11, 07:37 AM
    Last night I was in Walmart picking up Super Paper Mario and the guy working there says, "So you got one of those Wii things, huh?." I replied, "Yeah, do you have one yet." He says, "No, we can't keep them in stock. We still have people lining up at midnight to get them. Every shipment is sold within 4 hours."

    This is in a very small town. A little ol' redneck town in Florida. This thing is incredible.

    Jul 24, 12:49 AM
    It looks like OS X passwords are still more secure than Windows passwords, even with an 8-character limit. I was not really able to get Keychain to accept a truncated password. When I was testing the password lengths, I set an 8-character one, was immediately prompted by iChat to enter a password into Keychain, and forgot that I had already changed it from a 9-character one. If OS 10.3 fixes the character limit, the passwords will be even more secure than they are now.

    Microsoft has used two encoding schemes, also known as hashing functions, to encrypt passwords. The first, known as LANManager or LANMan, was used by Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me and early NT systems to secure passwords that were used to connect to early Windows networks.

    The LANMan scheme has several weaknesses, including converting all characters to uppercase, splitting passwords into 7-byte chunks, and not using an additional random element known as "salt." While the more recent NTHash fixes the first two weaknesses, it still does not use a random number to make the hashes more unique.

    The result: The same password encoded on two Windows machines will always be the same. That means that a password cracker can create a large lookup table and break passwords on any Windows computer. Unix, Linux and the Mac OS X, however, add a 12-bit salt to the calculation, making any brute force attempt to break the encryption take 4,096 times longer or require 4,096 times more memory.

    Jan 11, 08:48 PM
    I'm not being snotty...

    I'll be snotty for a moment...

    Designers can get overly focused in on fonts. I know, because I was once. I have spent waaay too many hours searching through font libraries, trying to find the perfect typeface for this project or that. All the while creating crappy design because I wasn't paying enough attention to the hierarchy of information, letter spacing, kerning, leading, composition, scale, contrast, rhythm, color scheme, negative space, photo selection, or photo color correction. There are so many more important aspects of design than font choice. I could design with nothing more than Helvetica and still create compelling design.

    My suggestion... get yourself a handful of workhorse typefaces, and work on those other aspects of design. It will do far more for your work than the latest font ever could.

    Nov 25, 01:08 PM
    as the title says i am looking for a used tiger woods gamecube game. it is going to be a christmas present for my dad.. i can also possibly trade a couple games for it and possibly a DVD movie

    i have:
    1080 avalanche (gamecube)
    and some other ones (will check later)


    2fast 2furious
    Terminator 3
    and some others

    plaese post your price or trade offers.


    Feb 8, 09:10 AM
    Its gone sorry didn't know it was a bad thing to say.......

    Then you're forgiven.

    Here you go. MacRumors Guide: Recovering Songs From an iPod (

    If I understand you correctly, let me explain. Your iPod is a portable device. You can put whatever you want on to it. However, you're not meant to use it as a transfer-device, or get things off of it. It syncs to one iTunes Library at a time, and you can only sync to the iPod, not from the iPod. (Yes, I know there are workarounds. We're keeping things simple for him.)

    I believe, what you're looking to do, is get all the music you know and love that's on your iPod back to your computer. Well, since you've neglected to tell us about anything else you own other than the fact you have an iPod, I can't help you any further. Either you can rip all of your CDs to iTunes, and start fresh by re-syncing it, or you can pull music off of that iPod using the guide I provided.

    May 3, 04:57 PM
    Finally got it at 4:28 PM CDT. Slow D/L speeds but it's back.
    Thanks to all that responded.

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