Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • MacBytes
    Sep 15, 10:58 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: 8 of Amazon\'s 12 top-selling desktops are Macs - top 3 are iMac G5s (
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  • hazedragon45
    May 5, 03:13 PM

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  • Tallest Skil
    Jun 29, 07:33 PM
    Either way Apple is going strong and the potential for iPhone (and Apple gadgets) and Mac OS X to move forward are huge.

    Yeah, Apple's gadgets. What about... oh, I don't know... their COMPUTERS?

    Specifically the Mac Pro and Mac Mini. So much potential there.

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  • supermassive
    Oct 9, 06:13 PM
    Thanks a lot!

    One more question: Is the soap essential or is it just to keep the skin sliding for readjustment?


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  • RobertMartens
    Sep 22, 05:08 AM
    The update weighs in at 1.93 MB

    Did I mention that updates are ones and zeros and have no actual weight. MB refers to the number of ones and zeros in groups of eight. Numbers don't actually weigh anything, so you probably shouldn't write this same trite phrase every time you want to mention how big a file is.

    I'm just saying, that's all.

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  • mrsir2009
    Mar 20, 01:32 PM
    Yeah the buttons at the bottom of that window are the ones.

    Wow, they've completely changed the "about this Mac" screen for the first time in Mac OSX. Its looks way better, and you no longer need to go into the system profiler to get basic stats, or use iStat Pro. Wow...:D Can NOT wait to get Lion!


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  • c1phr
    Apr 17, 09:33 PM
    I apologize if this in the wrong place, but I'm planning on buying the Jquery reference book from O'reilly and I'm curious what you guys think on the ebook vs. paper issue for programming references.

    Probably gonna get it from Google Books, so I can read it on my computers, my phone and eventually, an iPad. Price is no issue (whole dollar or so difference).

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  • altecXP
    Apr 1, 09:19 PM
    Has anyone had luck with Chrome in 10.7? When I try to Quit it won't. I have to Force Quit in Activity Monitor, and Chromuim nightly's won't even launch.

    When i try to download a file in Safari I get the Download window and a message that the file can't be downloaded. I click on re-try and then a 2nd item is added to the download list for the file and it downloads while the 1st file seems to still be retrying.

    I'd post a screen shot of this but when I try I just get a full black screen like this:


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  • nagromme
    Nov 10, 06:22 AM
    I still have a MOD library on my Amiga that I plan to port to my Mac sometime. Meanwhile they play in SoundTracker, I think it's called. I remember how impressed people were with my music library playing from my computer... in the early 90s :)

    I liked playing with MED/OctaMED too. And Aegis Sonix.

    I think Linux-on-iPod needs a mod player :)

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  • Smoljan
    Jun 1, 04:53 PM
    :apple: I think the size is right? :confused:


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  • Patmian212
    Sep 27, 05:34 PM
    It will be good with a gig of ram. It should handle everything fine except for 3d gaming, hardcore video editing in FCP and 3d animation. Photoshop and illustrator will run fine.

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  • Abstract
    Oct 17, 03:09 AM
    Wow, that was sweet!

    But yes, make that Apple logo appear for an extra 1.5-2 seconds or so. :)


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  • iManny
    Jun 23, 05:29 PM
    For the people planning on showing up at 2 am or 5 am or any time before 7 pretty much... is it because you don't have a reservations, or because you need to get your phone before work at 9? Or is it for any other reason? Do you not believe it will be possible to get a phone if you show up at say 7 or 8 am?

    If I have a reservation and I show up at 8 am, do you think there will be a phone for me? Personally showing up at 8 am and waiting 3 hours would be much more pleasant than showing up at 4 am and waiting 3 hours and getting the first phone at 7.

    Is it just because people need to have their phone at 7 am that they camp out, or because they are worried they will not otherwise get one?

    I have a reservation but im doing it more for the fun of staying up, meeting a few new people and having the phone early so i can play with it all day and not worry :D

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  • DakotaGuy
    Apr 22, 02:03 PM
    Anyone planning to break a contract and pay full retail price for the white one?


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  • pcinfoman
    Apr 28, 11:32 AM
    I have an iPad 1st generation running OS 4.3.2 (Jailbroken). It is running perfectly, except that I have a bunch of blank icons on my home screen (see the attached images). I can delete them, but every time I install a new app from the apple store, they come back.


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  • Galley
    Oct 1, 08:08 PM
    The Swell Season :)


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  • Apple...
    Jan 17, 10:09 PM
    IMO ... not even worth the storage space
    Really? We still use it (just for fun). There's some neat programs on it, etc. The printer still works, too. :)

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  • Fubar1977
    Feb 21, 06:03 AM
    Better hope he actually gets to see whatever he has built in its place.

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  • clayj
    Sep 23, 10:56 AM
    Someone is living in a crevice for the past decade. :rolleyes:Sorry, but even the head of cyclone/hurricane research for the World Meteorological Organization says that it is premature to link "global warming" (see: theory of) to increased hurricane activity this year (

    Oct 26, 01:16 PM
    sharp sells a 30" hdtv. if you could hook the machine up to something like that, and have it broadcast at the right resolution, it may look okay. lets hope that if this does happen, it's not a plasma. they're cool, but the picture really sucks as if many of the people here hasn't seen one in an electronics store, or anything :) )

    May 5, 07:15 PM
    I have mbp 15 mb 13 2009(wife) and ipad 2/ipod touch 4 (phones, we are just waiting for iphone 5).

    We need one more ipad 2 :D

    Dec 22, 07:02 AM
    Try the ice>Link from Denison

    Apr 6, 02:00 AM
    Well the warranty doesn't cover anything over 3 years. So..good luck :)

    Jan 10, 02:09 AM
    I never understood the point of having GarageBand, Soundtrack and Logic in the line-up. But, I've gotta say, I love Soundtrack, bought it by itself and then bought Final Cut Pro later. I've got an extra copy now, if anyone wants it. ;-)

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