Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • deba
    06-05 05:42 PM
    In the same boat, I have the same status on USPS tracking for delivery at TSC. Will wait and see if the status changes or if they cash the check. So I guess you are not alone. :-)

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  • sam2006
    08-15 01:24 PM
    I think all the 140 approved / pending at TSC and 485 applied at NSC have been transfered to TSC

    the LUD for 140 was the Transfer to TSC i guess
    we have to look at TSC timings now

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  • gc_kaavaali
    05-21 02:10 PM
    I really don't know...when i look at processing times...TSC done application until Feb 15th...last month it had Jan 29th...just moved 16 days...i don't know...i did e-filed may 9th...

    I think the interim EAD is no longer available. But you might get your EAD before Aug 16th. I got my EAD in 45 days (paper file at NE)

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  • immi_seeker
    08-08 01:43 PM
    Anybody had any experience at phoenix center with infopass appointment ?


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  • blackberry
    07-30 01:59 PM
    Many of us are in this situation.
    Can someone throw some light based on prior experience,
    who gets the receipt notice when using G-28.
    #1. Lawyer Alone
    #2. Applicant Alone
    #3. Both lawyer & the applicant.


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  • GoneSouth
    07-11 11:14 AM
    Congratulations!! Why didn't you do Concurrent filing in June?

    I didn't have my I-485 documents compiled and ready for submission in June, so I just went and filed I-140 since that was ready. I figured I-140 would be approved by the time I had I-485 docs ready, and the July visa bulletin issued June 13th showed my PD current through July, so I wasn't worried.

    Boy did I (and quite a few other people) get a nasty surprise on July 2!


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  • Apollon
    06-29 06:53 PM
    I've heard 2 contradicting opinions on this matter, so trying to get to the truth.
    My PERM case is about to be filed, let's assume for argument sake the job description
    requires Bachelors degree + 5 years of experience.
    I have B. Sc. degree, the requirements completed in April 2004.
    I've been with the current sponsor, who is applying for my PERM labor case for 15 months,
    and without those 15 months I don't have 5 years post graduation experience, required to qualify for EB2 track ( I do have close to 10 years of experience in the field, since I worked during college and even before that, but I was told only post graduation experience counts)
    If counting these 15 months with my current H1 sponsor I do have over 5 years of post graduation experience.
    Two opinions I've heard:
    1. You can only use the current sponsor experience, if the position, you're getting the PERM certification for is at least 50% different in it's job duties from the experience, prior to joining this sponsor.
    2. There is no restriction - current sponsor experience counts for EB2 post grad. 5 years.

    I'm not interested in opinions or speculations please - only what the law says. If anyone has that information - response is greatly appreciated - my PERM case is about to be filed and I don't my application to get rejected down the road because of not satisfying the EB2 track requirements.

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    09-22 12:48 PM
    My labor was filed in 2008, got the Audit in filed month 2009,responded and got cleared in filed month 2010.


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  • bathuzp
    11-11 02:30 PM
    where can i find this free attorney on net and do u have a number that i could call at.

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  • ysnraju
    07-25 10:45 PM
    So far not come across
    But for Filing only Primary and dependent after that all the dependents and primary applicants will have their own Application Numbers and so.
    So no wonder Dependent may get approval.....
    But lot of questions araises
    Just for argument shake please do not expect to happen but for argument
    if the Primary applicants is not eligible then what they will do ........ :)


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  • patiently_waiting
    01-08 09:47 AM
    this may help also :-

    Alternate Document (http://www.hammondlawfirm.com/alternate_document.htm)

    Birth Affidavit (http://www.hammondlawfirm.com/birth_affidavit.htm)

    Birth Certificate (http://www.hammondlawfirm.com/birth_cert.htm)

    Birth Certificates Green Card Permanent Residency (http://www.usabal.com/permres/AOS/birth_cert_info.html)

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  • sampatvijay
    01-14 01:15 PM


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-15 11:46 AM
    You should have no problem filing a 2nd 485 even though you already have one pending. This happens often, especially when a foreign national marries a US citizen while an employment-based 485 is pending. I've prepared this type of case many times. the faster 485 will be approved (hopefully), so the slower one will be denied because you already have permanent residence at that point.

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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-12 10:36 PM
    Congrats !, please do continue to contribute some of your time and effort to this site, your experience can help others still stuck in their misery


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  • snathan
    02-23 10:07 PM
    I am not sure if BS (3 yrs) + MCA is considered to be equivalent to MS or not. But if it is, then you can definitely file for EB2 (MS +0). However, your company will need to have a job that requires these qualifications.

    Also, I am not sure why you couldn't use the experience gained with your employer. If the job description is at least 50% different than your EB3 job, you can certainly use the experience gained at your current employer.

    I am also planning to file under EB2 using the experience gained with current employer. However, I have been concerned about possible audit. Nonetheless, when I asked the audit question (in a different thread), couple of folks shared their personal experience who had gotten approval (using experience gained at same employer) without any audit.

    Has anyone seen a case where someone got audited for using the experience gained with the same employer? I think this will be a useful information for several others as well...

    Why dont you ask this question in a free attorney's call.

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  • p_kumar
    11-30 12:22 PM
    As the IO officers explained to you, instead of approving some other document(s), USCIS wrongly approved your I-485 application.


    I wish the USCIS would wrongly approve my citizenship application even though i dont have GC yet:D


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  • ups
    07-12 09:27 AM
    yes you can. I my self did that. Only difference is that we both are on h1b(industry)

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  • micofrost
    07-12 01:34 AM
    "We continue to pay for Your Social Security
    But the presidency gives illegals over legals more priority"

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  • satishku_2000
    06-15 11:10 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    But i filed GC 6 times i had three approved I 140's with different priority dates.
    I missed filing my 485 couple times.


    I asked because how much sanity would have left in a person if someone is in the game since 2001 ...:D :D :D :D

    Good luck

    08-26 02:09 PM
    Yes.. I did my medicals done as soon I landed there. Got all the appoinments for the medicals before I started from here and the first thing I did was medicals.

    Regarding the marriage certificate, I gave the marriage registration copy given by registrar. If the marriage certificate is in native langauage, they will not accept and they probably will need a translation affidavit. Please check the local Consulate for the exact format.

    Yes.. I got in luckily 2.5 years. My priority date was feb 2006 and Eb2 category. I applied for CP when I applied for my i140 itself.

    05-11 08:05 AM
    The following question is posed at www.ktrh.com which is a website for a Houston AM talk radio. This radio station usually plays conservative programs including Rush Limbaugh. So, it is likely that mostly conservatives are visiting and voting on this website:

    Should highly skilled workers move to the front of the immigration line?

    The current poll results:
    Yes: 59.56%
    No: 40.44%

    You can go to this website to view the poll. However, to view the statistics for the first time you will have to vote. To clarify, in the news program this morning they were talking about the points based immigration system which, according to them, is "quitely being considered in the Senate", and they were mentioning that the points based system would favor highly skilled immigrants over extended family and low-skill immigrants.

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