Monday, June 6, 2011

kate winslet houses

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  • tom vilsack
    Dec 25, 01:55 AM

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  • kate winslet shoess. face of

  • balamw
    Mar 25, 06:44 PM
    I also should mention that the clone was from another macBook that I'm trying to install in my new MacBook Pro (i7 quad).

    We're beyond Winclone now it would seem.

    Which Macbook was it that you took the image from? Windows doesn't usually like being relocated to new hardware (without SYSPREP) but when the machines are similar enough you might be able to get away with it.


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  • Haberdasher
    Oct 9, 03:45 PM
    You think that's bad? In Italy, when someone goes against the "will" of the federal labor union, they're found with a bullet in their head.

    Just thought I'd let you know that. :D

    PS-In a two week trip to Italy last summer, I was delayed by TWO transport labor strikes...according to locals, this happens regularly. You might wonder how they get stuff done if this happens so often. The short answer is that they don't. :rolleyes:

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  • wnameth
    Dec 15, 07:53 PM
    i am interested in the ram from the powermac, is it two 512mb sticks or 4 256mb sticks or a 1Gb stick, if it is a 512mb i am definitely interested for my dad!


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  • They include KATE WINSLET,

  • SmokeyRobinson
    Mar 3, 10:21 PM
    I typed "crappy mac" into Bing and Apple's store was a sponsored result. :apple:

    I clicked it so Apple could pay Microsoft for the click.

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  • Kate Winslet patches up with

  • vincenz
    Aug 8, 08:18 PM
    The last set would be perfect for when the in-laws come over.


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  • MacsomJRR
    Apr 16, 01:46 PM
    My real name is Max
    I like Apple
    I'm not that great at gaming

    How about WiiManInABox

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  • MacRumorUser
    Nov 10, 05:58 PM
    Added my review in the other thread.

    Basically it's good, but requires a heck of a lot of space (more than move or Wii combined) and most games menu systems are pants of the launch titles I purchased.


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  • wingsabr
    Mar 30, 05:41 PM
    I use 60gb just to be safe.

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  • favorite is Kate Winslet!

  • MacTech68
    Jan 17, 10:34 PM
    Thanks for the replies, anyways, guys. Guess I'll have to keep holding on to it.

    Actually, I have a soft spot for the 040 CPU machines. If you want an addictive game for it, try Apeiron (

    I loved the Sony Trinitron tube they used, compared to the el-cheapo Performa 580 which used cheaper tubes.

    Keep it. I'm keeping mine (about 4 of them). They're good for many color games (of the time). :D


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  • Bob_Barker
    Oct 4, 09:46 PM

    While the terms of the warranty permit Apple to replace defective phones with refurbished parts, I have no reason to believe this unit is refurbished. The iPhone came with the plastic adhered to the screen and has no blemishes or anything.

    I lost my patience and went ahead and downgraded to 1.0.2. I'm really enjoying using the camera with Pushr, so I may need to rethink trading.

    I put a crystal film screen protector on it as soon as I removed the plastic, so it's still pristine.

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  • Kate Winslet Biography

  • Cloysterpeteuk
    Mar 4, 05:12 PM
    It is very easy to jb 4.2.1 now. The improvements to the OS certainly make it worthwhile as does the ability to run all the latest apps. Virtual memory hack is no longer required.

    Is it?, is there a really easy to use tool for a proper (untethered) jailbreak?. I've not looked upgrading from 3.2 as I'm not interested in any of the new features, but I keep seeing games I can't buy because I don't have a new ios.


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  • Though Kate Winslet look

  • darkside flow
    Apr 10, 03:28 PM
    Put it on once and never used it again. I can't physically make my phone drop any signal in Toronto.

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  • Kate Winslet#39;s character,

  • GroundLoop
    Feb 15, 05:44 PM
    Portishead: Live @ Roseland NYC


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  • hatersgonnahate
    Apr 17, 10:41 PM
    i bought one for my mbp (2011) from monoprice (minidisplay to hdmi) and it does not work with my dell monitor. :(

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  • bytor99999
    Apr 17, 12:16 AM
    Me too. It only sent video. However, my sister who has a Mac Mini was using one and said in her iDVD software for audio you had to tell it to push the audio through the Mini Display port/HDMI and then she got sound, so maybe that would work on my MBP and yours.

    If you have an iPad2, I highly highly recommend getting the HDMI adapter they have. 1 to 1 exact copy of your iPad onto your big screen TV. Makes the Apple TV not necessary as you can get what you get on it and more through your iPad2 to HDMI.

    I also bought a 15' HDMI cable so I can have my iPad2 with me on my couch. But I digress.



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  • Vantage Point
    Apr 24, 10:37 AM
    I have just purchased an apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse,

    Yeah, I use a Apple wireless keyboard and the Magic Trackpad with my MBP and external. I don't bother with a stand at all.

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  • Kate Winslet (UK TABLOID

  • mnkeybsness
    Nov 8, 04:37 PM

    Sorry to yell, but I built ( with phpbb and we all have been regretting it since about 3 months after the site launched. Security holes were the first major issue that we encountered... and now we have incredibly slow loading times and it is very hard to upgrade the software since we have made so many hacks to the default installation.

    If you want lightweight and super fast, try PunBB (

    If you want a powerful board with good support, use vBulleting or Invision Powerboard.

    kate winslet houses. Kate Winslet | Celebrity
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  • wickedG35
    Jul 1, 07:06 PM
    Pics are here!

    Without Flash:

    With Flash:

    Again, the monitor is in pristine condition; not a scratch or dead pixel anywhere. I'm really meticulous about my electronics.

    Mar 10, 06:58 PM
    Well, I finally got something else different to the 6701s:

    Project 6067
    TPF: 5min 11s
    PPD: 7906

    Not bad, especially for just 60W of power.


    nice! so i wonder, is it capable of bigadv units? (not that i'd do that, but knowing that it could)

    May 4, 07:06 PM
    Do any of you guys know any programs for the mac that could tell me my CPU speed? Or if not, what is the typical temperature that the CPU throttles itself? Thanks!
    Mac CPUs will throttle due to thermal issues just below the level where they will automatically shut down to prevent damage, which is around 100C/212F or 105C/221F, depending on which processor you have.

    Oct 26, 08:26 AM
    We are now in line waiting for Leopard!!!

    check us out: Live on site in Duham, NC Apple store (

    We ARE the first in LINE!

    Blue Fox
    Jul 6, 05:29 AM
    Seems that everyone always has an issue with Apple product except for me. I guess I should consider myself lucky?

    Mar 4, 06:30 PM
    Maybe it means they're not sure, as in: "What is Toronto???"

    I hear that it's a US city.


    Make it stop! :eek:

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