Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • dmr727
    Oct 1, 08:40 PM
    You can take screenshots! But yeah, this seems like a hardware problem - especially since it appears to happen with both coax and RCA inputs.

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  • Chazn
    Apr 3, 11:58 PM
    I'd like to know how to change to integrated graphics too on my Macbook pro 2011 so that i can save battery life while using windows bootcamp.

    Just a suggestion...Since you also have a MBP (according to your sig) You might want to try posting this on the macbook pro section since more people hang around there than here. :p

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  • Ikyo
    Mar 2, 01:19 PM
    Anyone planning on heading up there on the 11th?

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  • rburns
    Oct 2, 10:10 AM
    This is a topic that's appeared in a few previous threads, but the recent barefeets benchmark tests comparing the slightly different configured 1GHz Quicksilver to the new 1 GHz dual, despite competing views these tests have generated, leave me and perhaps many of us wondering which is the better deal: a used dual GHz or its newer "equivalent"?

    I just bought from an individual the older one w/3yrs AppleCare, a gig of memory, the NVIDEA GForce 4MX, and an external 40-gig Maxtor drive, all for the same amount as Apple's stock-configured 1 GHz dualie. There's no Apple Store near me to see the newer one up close.

    I'm not a graphics arts designer or filmmaker but a cultural anthropologist/folklorist/professor who will be burning DVDs for classroom pursposes for the university where I teach. Also, I'd hope whatever I get will still hold its own a few years later.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on this, but in layman's terms. Apple techies expectedly insist that the newer model is the better way to go.

    Rick :confused:


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  • Sun Baked
    Oct 23, 06:26 PM
    Poll Warz was interesting...

    Along with the people who would spam the board just to attempt to have their name show up in every single post on the first page of a forum.

    Some were actually pretty good at it and seemed like they made a half-hearted effort to make a coherent reply.

    There was nothing resembling coherent thought in Poll Warz.

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  • LouieSamman
    Apr 30, 01:12 AM
    Am I missing something? I get an email everytime someone replies to a thread I've posted in.

    Now what would be nice is if that email had a link to the thread on the regular site and for the mobile site.

    No an email of someone replying to a comment you left in a thread. Not someone who replies to a thread.

    For example you read a thread someone posted and you have a question. So you leave your question within that persons thread. There would be people who would quote your question and answer it. You then get a email of those people who quoted and answered your question.

    Being subscribed to a thread that you left a question on is too much work to always look at all the replies people left to the thread as your waiting for a reply to your comment.

    Sometimes I don't want to waste my time reading the hundreds of comments after my comment and most likely interested only if someone quoted my comment.

    So what would be nice is an option, when subscribing to a thread, to either receive an email every time someone comments to a thread OR someone quoting your comment and replying to it..


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  • Artful Dodger
    Mar 1, 10:22 AM
    Hello, if you look at my other post on the LaCie there is some info that I got from LaCie and some cd/dvd manfs. about the type of disc you need.
    The burner won't be out untill mid March and as LaCie's web page says they are taking pre-orders.

    Artful Dodger, I had planned on buying one of the LaCie lightscribe external burners in the near future, but you mentioned something that caught my attention. Are there only certain blanks that are compatible with the lightscribe capability? I *assumed* any blank without a surfce design would have done the trick, but I guess not. Thanks!

    Yes only certain media will work, TDK, HP (it's their drive in it), Verbatim and only the "+" R media since none of the companies are making any other media as of yet. This was from about 3 or 4 e-mails to different companies that were given to me by LaCie. Also the discs are of a gray scale "etched" quality when burned.
    You will have to look for the Lightscribe logo on the side of the dvd/cd cake packs or what ever they pack them in.
    Hope this helps.

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  • allanmain
    Feb 8, 02:20 AM
    Thank you l.a.rossmann. I need to buy a new notebook and your information helps me a lot.
    Thanks again, Allan
    PS: I'll update my notebook configuration soon.


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  • Luke Redpath
    Jul 25, 07:03 PM
    You are quite mistake, this second preview is near feature complete. It needs some polishing, but for the most part it's nearly ready to be shipped.

    Sorry, but it is nowhere near ready to be shipped. It easily needs another 3-6 months. It's still buggy, has performance issues and many features are still missing.

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 24, 12:22 PM
    I was wondering if we could get an iOS forum as well, since there's one for Mac OS X, and none specifically for iOS (unless i'm blind). It seems that a lot of people are talking about iOS updates in the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch forums.

    What do you guys think?
    People discuss iOS in general when there's a news story about it (in the matching discussion thread) or from a programming point of view (for which there's a forum). Otherwise, they post about it in the forum for the device they are using. The question is whether they'd really switch to discussing it in a single iOS forum. I think some people would use the new forum but many others would not, so we'd end up further fragmenting those discussions. But you need a crystal ball to know these things for certain.


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  • johnnymg
    Apr 24, 09:38 AM
    When I look at the depreciation of MBP, it is much worse than a MP. For example, 2008 models of MP have depreciated by about ~50%, while MBP have depreciated ~75% for similar price starting price point of the computers.

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  • iMJustAGuy
    Feb 26, 10:52 AM
    Somehow, someway. It would take this site to a whole new level. One thing I don't like (in any forum) is having to scroll through a thread to see if someone replied to my post or search my username to do so. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement something like this.


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  • kuebby
    Jan 17, 11:51 AM
    That hat is one of the geekiest looking things i have ever seen.

    Agreed. Come on, is that even necessary? Just use own of those little plastic stands that comes with the iPod touch.

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  • imahawki
    May 2, 01:36 PM
    Setting my computer to never sleep didn't fix it. I'm not really interested in using another program. TM should work. I'm a little stubborn and once I get something stuck in my craw I just want it to work, but on top of that, I actually LIKE the way TM works (when it works).

    It seems like I can consistently get a backup to run right after a reboot but it will inevitably fail after that first backup runs. I've reformatted the drive with no fix other than generating an extremely long initial backup. I've got two drives for offsite rotation and the error occurs with both. The drives weren't bought at the same time and aren't out of the same batch (in fact one is a WD Black and the other is a WD Green) so I'm not thinking its a disk issue.

    My computer is less than 90 days old. Should I call Apple?


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  • katie ta achoo
    Dec 14, 07:39 PM
    it's so cute! ^_^

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  • R94N
    Dec 1, 04:31 PM
    I suppose with things like this you've got nowhere to go once you've moved in. Obviously no one else will want to buy the house once everyone finds out it's true past. It sounds awful.


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  • emiljan
    Apr 18, 09:19 AM
    Try to reinstall the bootcamp drivers again and see if that helps.

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  • paulrbeers
    May 5, 03:32 PM
    If you just bought a new iMac will apple give you the new lion free or with a discount?

    I know in 2009 I bought a MBP about a month or two prior to Snow Leopard, Apple gave everyone who bought a Mac within a certain time frame, an upgrade disk for only $10 (67% off). I was one of the lucky ones.

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  • gsfesz
    Apr 10, 06:20 AM
    I just started to back up when I installed lion

    Oct 17, 10:46 PM
    OK all you Tokyo-ites, how about a gathering at the Ginza Apple Store.

    If Leopard is to be released at 6.00 pm here I will definitely be there at 6.00!

    I'll be the Australian in a suit with a little MacRumors flag, kind of like the flags you see Japanese tour groups following around.

    I kid, don't want to embarrass myself too much. If there are others interested let's talk meet strategy!


    May 4, 05:22 PM
    Have had my macbook 13 inch 2011 for about a month now.

    Sometimes when I go to burn a cd i put the cd in but it doesnt grab the cd it doesnt even work..

    When I go to reset the computer I can hear the drive put it self back in place, then once the comuter is back from restart it will take the cd in...

    Not a huge deal but kinda annoying when I have to retart everytime..

    Is there a reason why this is happening?

    Dec 17, 10:22 AM
    PM sent.

    Nov 16, 04:55 PM
    Dreadnought even though i have lost a couple WU so far with the beta I am still completing some work units that are worth as much as 1700 points each. :eek: And it takes less then 24 hours to do one of those suckers. Less then 100 days to get into the top 100......I am coming.....

    Jul 12, 01:42 AM
    Originally posted by FredAkbar
    But many Mac users know very little, if anything, about Unix. Mac OS X is a public operating system, made for users of any level of Unix experience. Many Mac users are still learning new things about Unix.

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