Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • andymac85
    Mar 5, 04:18 PM
    Last login: Mon Mar 5 17:15:25 on ttyp1
    Welcome to Darwin!
    Andys-Computer:~ Andy$ work
    -bash: work: command not found
    Andys-Computer:~ Andy$ help
    GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (powerpc-apple-darwin7.0)
    These shell commands are defined internally. Type `help' to see this list.
    Type `help name' to find out more about the function `name'.
    Use `info bash' to find out more about the shell in general.
    Use `man -k' or `info' to find out more about commands not in this list.

    A star (*) next to a name means that the command is disabled.

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  • xStep
    Apr 2, 02:31 PM
    I want that:
    if value in the first component is cars, the second component is mustang the fisrst label must show "1970" and the second label must show "v8"

    You're just not making a lot of sense to me either. It sounds like you are saying you have four components; vehicles, model, year, engine. Maybe your example mistakenly leads me to that conclusion. Your first post clearly says you have two components.

    If by labels you mean the value that is selectable, than please refer to that as a component title, as that corresponds to the method name;
    - (NSString *)pickerView:(UIPickerView *)pickerView titleForRow:(NSInteger)row forComponent:(NSInteger)component

    You need to clearly express in much more detail what it is you are looking at doing. Brevity is your enemy when asking programming questions.

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  • romad7
    Apr 26, 04:44 PM
    I use it for scanning documents.

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Oct 3, 08:34 PM
    If you copy by burning a dvd along with the itunes library data couldn't you just drop it into the itunes folder? Otherwise if you just transfer the music folders it seems you'd lose all your changed info.....comments, genre etc. I for one would really hate do redo the info on thousands of songs.

    That's true that you would lose any info that isn't stored inside the music file itself (i.e. in the ID3 tag of an MP3) - I prefer to have iTunes open and drag the info to iTunes so it finds it and imports it immediately. Using your method, I'd have to do the copy while iTunes is closed, then open iTunes and hope it sees the new music library.


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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Mar 31, 05:21 PM
    I hear a lot of confusion about this. I don't know why TechCrunch said what they did, but by all accounts, there is no golden master right now. This is just a developer preview. After this there will (probably) be betas. And after that there will eventually be a golden master or two.

    Right. Adobe and other big software manufacturers need at least > 6 months to optimize their software (much more than just InDesign and Photoshop) for the new OS. Apple probably wants to optimize Lion for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge ( (via Intels Mac OS X compilers (, not just via the GCC), which means that we will see Lion GM/RTM in January/February 2012 and Lion final in March/April 2012. This would make more sense, because it reduces additional development costs for Apple, after Ivy Bridge comes out.

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  • MBP13
    May 4, 12:16 AM

    I'm a new Mac user after having dealt with PC's for way too long, and I'm certain that I'll never look back to Windows ever again. I love my MacBook Pro to death, and I especially love Mac OS.

    I have some money to spend, and there is a nice looking iMac G4 on a surplus website that I am extremely interested in purchasing if the price is right. Right now, it looks as though the price will stay pretty reasonable given that there is only 1 day and 21 hours left until the auction ends, and current bid is less than $65 dollars.

    Here's the iMac that I'm interested in buying: From the pictures it looks to be a nice Mac.

    I'd love to know anything and everything that I should know about this iMac whether the information is good or bad. What can you tell me about it?

    From the pictures, it looks like it is running Leopard, so that seems nice (even though I'm used to Snow Leopard on the MBP).

    There are a few things I'm hesitant about. Because it is a non-Intel Mac, I'm basically out of luck if I want to watch YouTube videos, play games that require Flash, etc. Right? YouTube does have a HTML5 beta version of the website, so would that work on a non-Intel Mac? I mainly browse forums, Yahoo! chat, etc. I should be fine, I think. I wouldn't kill me to watch YouTube videos or anything that required Flash on the MacBook Pro.

    Would I be able to browse the internet using AirPort on this iMac?

    Is there anything else that you think I should know before potentially buying this Mac?

    Thank you SO much! I appreciate it! :)



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  • Intell
    Apr 27, 04:04 PM
    If it does have a Beta of Mac OS X it would be of Jaguar, 10.2. But I think that it is very unlikely that an OS would stay intact on a computer that of this vintage, if it even has a hard drive.

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  • adk
    Dec 3, 12:47 PM
    if your rating is low (I would say below 10) I would recommend that you just buy a bunch of cheap crap just for the feedback. I know they sell a lot of postcards and things for like a quarter. Other than that, I agree with ITASOR. The photo(s) makes or breaks the sale. Look at some other Imac g4 photos and see what looks good and what doesn't.

    And last but not least, don't gouge on shipping. that's just tacky.


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  • mscriv
    Jan 26, 11:23 AM
    BERLIN � Esther Bejarano says music helped keep her alive as a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz and in the years that followed.

    Now, 65 years after the liberation of the Nazi death camp, the 85-year-old has teamed up with the hip-hop band Microphone Mafia to spread her anti-racism message to German youth. "It's a clash of everything: age, culture, style," Bejarano, a petite lady with an amiable chuckle, told The Associated Press ahead of Auschwitz Liberation Day on Wednesday. "But we all love music and share a common goal: we're fighting against racism and discrimination."

    In Shalom, the first track of the CD Bejarano and the Microphone Mafia released last year titled Per La Vita, the bands sing about longing for world peace. "My head is bowed, too many tears held back," the song goes. "Worried I look around and see what happens, I'm not their leitmotif, which is the base of their lives: Violence, hatred and death, because too many people remained silent."

    The daughter of a Jewish cantor from Saarbruecken in western Germany, Bejarano grew up in a musical home studying piano until the Nazis came to power and tore her family apart. Bejarano was deported to Auschwitz, where she became a member of the girls' orchestra, playing the accordion every time trains full of Jews from across Europe arrived at the death camp. "We played with tears in our eyes," Bejarano remembered. "The new arrivals came in waving and applauding us, but we knew they would be taken directly to the gas chambers."

    Bejarano survived, but her parents and sister Ruth were killed by the Nazis.

    For the past 20 years Bejarano has played music mostly from the past � Yiddish melodies, tunes from the ghetto and Jewish resistance songs � with her children Edna and Yoram in a Hamburg-based band called Coincidence.

    About two years ago, Kutlu Yurtseven, a Turkish immigrant rapper from the Cologne-based Microphone Mafia, got in touch with the band to see if they'd team up with them. "Our band wanted to do something against the growing racism and anti-Semitism in Germany," Yurtseven, 36, said in a phone interview Tuesday.

    "Yoram told me that first of all he had to ask his mother Esther what she thought about a crossover project with a bunch of young rappers." Esther Bejarano, it turned out, thought hip-hop music "was really a bit too loud," but also said she saw it as a good way to reach out to Germany's youth.

    "We want to keep the memories of the Holocaust alive, but at the same time look into the future and encourage young people to take a stand against new Nazis," said Bejarano. "I know what racism can lead to and the members of Microphone Mafia are immigrants and have experienced their share of discrimination as well."

    Yurtseven, a Muslim, also sees a message of religious harmony. "All religions ask to love and respect others and that's what we do as well," Yurtseven said.

    The crossover of modern hip-hop and traditional Jewish folklore turned out to be quite a hit. The rappers have mixed Jewish songs with stomping hip-hop beats and also created new lyrics for some of the songs that are more accessible for a younger audience.

    Last summer, the two bands released Per La Vita and a documentary about the band that was initially scheduled for the Auschwitz liberation anniversary is now supposed to be ready later this year to be shown at high schools across Germany. The CD was released on a small, independent label and it was not clear how many copies were sold.

    Currently, the troupe is touring through Germany. Their audiences range from teenage immigrants at metropolitan youth centers to a more established, older crowd that usually favors Bejarano's classic approach to music. "They all love it," said Bejarano. "Even some of the older guests sometimes climb on the chairs and dance."

    Bejarano said it can be exhausting at her age to perform on stage with a bunch of youngsters but that she has found ways to adjust the shows to her needs. "I've educated the boys," Bejarano said with her trademark chuckle. "We've lowered the volume and I told them to stop jumping around on stage all the time."

    For Yurtseven and his fellow band members, the fact that they are performing with an Auschwitz survivor has been a unique experience as well. "I once asked Esther how she can still make music after Auschwitz," he remembered. "And she said that if they had also taken away the music from her, she would have died."

    LINK (

    What a cool collaboration and a great message. :)

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  • fpar
    Jun 20, 09:42 AM
    would you send it to the uk? The address would be confirmed. paypal


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  • haiggy
    Oct 2, 08:00 PM
    It has been like this for a very long time now.

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  • Me1000
    Oct 23, 04:26 PM
    Is this powered by a G5?? lol


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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 19, 02:50 PM
    SETI, not my cup of tea.

    i started folding a few days after my younger (and only) sister died from something that is being studied by F@H. she made it 2 days past her 35th birthday, and left a 4 month old baby and widow (and me) behind. i've been folding ever since, and won't stop until they quit giving out work units. period.

    thanks to all who fold here/there/everywhere.

    I'm sorry for your loss, she was in the prime of her life. some day, due to our efforts, many like her will live long and happy lives.

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  • AbyssImpact
    May 5, 05:51 PM
    Hi all,

    Just curious to see how many have a apple laptop and and Ipad. Work just bought me a MBP last week and I already have a Ipad 2. Just trying to justify the two, maybe I sell the ipad 2 because I have to keep the laptop. By the way, I love both of them...I use the Ipad 2 for reading books, magazines etc...

    Thanks for the comments or thoughts...

    Sell the Macbook Pro and keep the Ipad 2.


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  • notjustjay
    Mar 13, 08:17 PM
    This may sound totally obvious, but spend time on YouTube. There are a lot of folks people your age doing cool stuff and putting it on YouTube (Lucas Cruikshank aka "Fred" being one obvious, and rather obnoxious, example). Not all of it is good, and some of it is frankly terrible, but you quickly get a sense of what's cool and what's not (for example, YouTube seems to have popularized the disjointed jump cut.) You can take inspiration from the stuff that's done well, and learn from the bad stuff too by taking note of what they did wrong and how you would have done it differently.

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 20, 03:26 PM
    YouTube: video (

    If you quote a post with a video it will automatically change to a link.


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  • JonoColesUK
    Jan 24, 01:06 PM
    Hy there

    I'm actually looking for a wireless router as well

    I only want one that enables wireless internet connection so that I dont have to fork out to move my phone line.

    Any advice??



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  • WiiDSmoker
    Feb 20, 05:16 PM
    Think what you want people. But if Sony wins; it truly means you don't own any of the consoles you buy.

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  • iceblade
    Mar 6, 01:00 PM
    Personally, I would love to work at a mall store. With that in mind, though, I AM a college student, not someone looking for a career quite yet. Although being a store manager and moving up from there might be fun.

    Best of luck to those going through the hiring process, I may be with you in a year or two (I need to get more retail experience)!

    Sep 26, 04:28 AM
    Originally posted by vjv
    i know someone who just purchased a dual ghz box with 2 GB of ram. The extra .25 mhz isn't worth it becuase it is bottlenecked anyways by it's slow-assed system bus. The ram on the otherhand, is great for the after affects, FCP and photoshop work hes doing.

    You what?????? A Dual 1.25GHz is signicantly swifter than the Dual 1GHz especially in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.......


    May 5, 11:36 PM
    I'd say go with the 13". You can use the extra cash to put in a SSD and more RAM. Makes the computer EXTREMELY fast when opening up applications. It doesn't sound like you are doing anything graphics heavy unless when it comes to your physics work.

    Also, you could use the money to get a cinema display off craigslist or something so when you come home, you can attach it to the big boy. :)

    I'm majoring in marketing btw and I don't see the difference to econ to be that much. But, physics is something else. Ask someone on College Confidential for help with that!

    Mar 10, 09:41 AM
    If you think you'll be playing the next pokemon(like after Black and White) or think you might want any other new games in the future, I'd say go for the 3DS...if you're buying new, the extra 70 or 90 dollars allows you to future proof your purchase.

    For the battery life, the physical battery is larger on the 3DS, so the fact that its dyes quicker relates to power usage for 3DS games, for DS games, you can expect better battery life that the 3+hours for 3DS games.

    But if you're buying used, go for a DS lite for like 70 dollars, then sell it once you beat Pok�mon.

    Dec 20, 10:43 PM
    Well, I used the official documentation for the first aluminum 15" PB (which is what I have). It says to use a "dentist pick" to undo the clip. An allen wrench works fine, as long as you don't drop it into the optical drive like I did :rolleyes:

    Apr 14, 04:18 AM
    It depends on your needs, if you have two notebooks with the same specs and differing only in weight, the lighter one will probably be more expensive, but if you need something that is very portable then it is probably worth it and thus better. If you don't care about weight, the heavier one will be cheaper and better for your needs.

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